T-Mobile USA also faces a lawsuit

T-Mobile USA also faces a lawsuit
T-Mobile USA, based in Bellevue, WA, has been accused of illegally charging customers for received unwanted messages. As the plaintiff’s representative, Maria Detwiler claims “T-Mobile refuses to disable the texting messaging feature on its customers’ accounts, even when the customer has no interest in sending, or, more importantly, receiving text messages.” The suit does not contain a dollar figure for alleged damages. T-Mobile refuses to comment the pending litigation.

source: RCR News



1. Timmi unregistered

hate to ever laugh at another's mis-fourtune... but i think i have too here. -hah! the "issue" here is T-Mobile's "award-winning" customer service... blocking sms & mms has been around since the 1st txt was sent/rec'd... catch-up! i find it a shame when cell companies don't DO everything possible to make sure, that their customers (their life-blood!) are happy...

2. mike unregistered

You are pathetic, probably in your mid 30's with no degree whatsoever so when VZW go's bankrupt, you'll have no job, while I'm 23 with a finance degree and am going places when VZW go's bankrupt.

3. Steviecrackberry unregistered

And you thin VZW has good customer service? what are smoking Mr Market Manager? Let me know...pass it over here!! from a T-Mo customer

4. steviecrackberry unregistered

An arbitrator has decided that a large class-action lawsuit against Verizon Wireless regarding early termination fees can move forward. By making this decision, this lawsuit will represent the largest class-action lawsuit ever, with approximately 70 million members qualified as part of the class. The lawsuit contends that claimants were illegally charged $175 ETFs by Verizon Wireless upon terminating their service. If Verizon loses the lawsuit, it could be forced to pay up to $1 billion in refunds. Verizon modified its ETF policies in 2006, after this lawsuit was originally filed. A trial is expected later this year.

5. Timmi unregistered

to #2, actually, buddy-boy; i am 21 (2 years your minor) with TWO degrees... left high school early. :) degree in economics AND accountancy. vzw won't go bankrupt, if you look into things, mr. fiance degree... vzw is 6.8% more profitable than AT&T. we are JUST under 1.2 million customers shy of OVER-TAKING AT&T with a customer population... hmm, i don't know much about your math skills, but improving and growing more than ANY company, means you are MAKING money... (finance is the 'easy way' though accounting, all you do is GUESS at stuff, anyways!) -call me 'pathetic'? -you are the one picking the (proverbial) fight over the internet, i simply offered my opinion on T-Mobile's problems. come off it.

6. Timmi unregistered

to #3, every company has issues with customer service... think about it. everyone HATES customer service. when do you call into customer service? -when you have an issue with something on the product(s) you paid good money for, is not working... people are gunna be mad, to start-off with. i just find it ironic that T-Moible wins awards for their customer service... but they are getting SLAPPED with a lawsuit all because they won't block sms & mms from their customer's phone. learn to READ what is there... not whatever little thing ya wanna see, so ya can pick a fight. and per your little blip about VZW and our lawsuit with our ETF's... every company has ETF's... we were the FIRST to pro-rate the ETF! we were the FIRST to offer that great CUSTOMER SERVICE, service...

7. steviecrackberry unregistered

All I have to say is they will nickle & dime you to death...

8. Sammy Sung unregistered

ha VZW's new slogan should be can you pay me now. when i had VZW and a moto q i alway had horrible signal even with swapping out 3 different phones and doing the *228 thing constantly. VZW is crap in central Illinois. as soon as i got my blackjack through at&t i have never had a signal problem or dropped call ever.

9. Sammy Sung unregistered

and at least at&t dose not lobotomize features like bluetooth like VZW has done in the past and still does now.

10. ren0 unregistered

Actually, thats a problem of the Motorola Q not carrier. Everyone whom I have talked to who owns a Q says they get terrible reception

11. mike unregistered

Its impossible to have two degrees at 21 even when you graduate early, lol who are you trying to fool? actually if you went to a community college it is possible to get two associates degrees so I guess i believe you...LAME!

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