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T-Mobile Galaxy S 4G is the first HSPA+ phone capable of 21Mbps downloads, coming February

0. phoneArena posted on 02 Feb 2011, 02:10

The Galaxy S 4G bumps its theoretical HSPA+ download speeds to 21Mbps from the 14.4Mbps of the current T-Mobile 4G crop, and, thankfully, runs Android 2.2 Froyo. The rest of the specs are similar, save for a bigger 1650mAh battery...

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posted on 02 Feb 2011, 04:11 1

1. psn1819 (Posts: 42; Member since: 06 Jun 2010)

as good as yhis must sound...i cant help but feel aas though everybody who bout a vibrant 3G just got slapped in the face...but thats just my opinion though

posted on 02 Feb 2011, 05:02 1

2. Richard (unregistered)

This is nothing but A JOKE...Stop playing with these specs...perfect for tmobile I guess...would never be on sprint...tmobile sucks so does at&t

posted on 02 Feb 2011, 16:58

6. remixfa. (unregistered)

really? what phone on the market has more power than a galaxyS device? what phone is faster than 21mbs on the market right now?

perfect for tmobile? absolutely. its the strongest and fastest.

posted on 02 Feb 2011, 13:46 1

3. Daryl209 (Posts: 18; Member since: 27 Jul 2010)

Well people never learn their lesson, always wait for the 2nd generation of a new device.

I didn't get the Vibrant for that reason...and also I wasn't ready for an upgrade quite yet.

posted on 02 Feb 2011, 19:57

9. E.N. (Posts: 2610; Member since: 25 Jan 2009)

Well the 3rd gen will be better than the 2nd. And the 4th gen would be better than the 3rd. And the 5th, 6th, 7th...... Maybe I should just never buy another phone since I want the best version. Yeah that's it!

posted on 02 Feb 2011, 13:51

4. moofoodooloo (Posts: 137; Member since: 04 Jan 2011)


posted on 02 Feb 2011, 14:45 1

5. R.S. (unregistered)

Biggest upset for me is that this one comes bundled with a much better movie than original Vibrant, IMHO. Avatar blows.

posted on 02 Feb 2011, 17:18

7. luis_lopez_351 (Posts: 951; Member since: 18 Nov 2010)

:( i just think it should have came with flash, 8mp,1080p HD rec. and android 2.3. but no they decided to stick with 2010 specs oh yeah its a galaxy s phone which means 1000 mhz humming bird processor seriously??? wheres the Orion or the Tegra dual core. BTW samsung blows dont blame t-mobile :)

posted on 02 Feb 2011, 17:53

8. skeptikal26 (Posts: 4; Member since: 02 Feb 2011)

I have to agree with luis. They need to be competing with the big dogs. T-Mobile is considered the bargain cell phone company but provide the fastest speeds. Step it up T-Mobile. You deserve to put out a much better product.

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