T-Mobile G1 site now live, to be announced in a few hours

T-Mobile G1 site now live, to be announced in a few hours
T-Mobile’s site for the first Android phone is now up and running with limited functionality. We’ve heard the T-Mobile G1 name before and WSJ suggested that the Google brand will be showcased, but we didn’t really expect to see such thing: it is called T-Mobile G1 with Google. The press conference starts at 10:30 EDT so in a few hours we’ll update you with a  post with more details. Stay tuned!


Update: Official photos of the G1!



1. unregistered

black color one looks much better

2. unregistered

damn.. I have sprint.. but that phone... ayyyyyyyyy yyyyyoooo... that's nice!!! Looking forward to see more phones like this

3. unregistered

is it just me or is that phone kinda ugly? looks a bit dated, especially the bottom part with the buttons and center navigation nipple. maybe its just me.

7. unregistered

its not jus you i think it looks weird I KNOW THEY CAN DO BETTER the wing looks SO MUCH BETTER STEP FORWARD NOT BACK TMOBILE

4. unregistered

dam that joint us uglybut i know it will outperform. i have sprint i wait for sprints andriod device in the mean while ill get a touch pro come october.

5. unregistered

its about time t-mobile came out with a iphone like device. Im looking forward to it

8. unregistered

how is this like an iPhone?

6. mytom unregistered

65k colors?

9. unregistered

I think its a great advance that T-Mobile is getting a new device like this one, they really need new, better devices.

10. unregistered

65k color, no video recording, no bluetooth file transfer commooooooooooooooooooon htc. as for wat i seen the android os might be the by for but was htc thiniking with this garbage it has the same lack of features of the iphone, Thats wat we need another i crap. O well I heard u can put the android os on anysmart phone so im not sweating this phone.

11. unregistered

lol i meant the best by far os u cant edit ur post lol

12. RyanKing unregistered

I know this will probably grow on me, but for some reason im not feeling the form factor. Its great that it incorporates a qwerty keypad, but even with the screen closed the edges and sides just for some reason seem unpolished. And the pinhole on camera on the back makes it look kind of unfinished. I like the idea and design, but it seems like the Nintendo DS soon to be the Nintendo DS Lite.

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