T-Mobile BlackBerry Pearl 8220 gets priced, is pricey

T-Mobile BlackBerry Pearl 8220 gets priced, is pricey
With the release of the BlackBerry Pearl 8220 on the horizon, pricing has formally arrived.  When first announced, rumors swirled around the internet claiming that the phone would be somewhere in the $50 mark, however that has quickly proved to be wrong.  Pricing for the phone is now rumored to be as follows:

  • New Activation 2 Year Contract $149.99 (after $50 MIR)
  • New Activation 1 Year Contract $199.99 (after $50 MIR)
  • Full Upgrade 2 Year Contract $167.99 (after $50 MIR)
  • Full Upgrade 1 Year Contract $217.99 (after $50 MIR)
  • Full Retail Price: $349.99

Again, these are not confirmed prices.  They seem high, however we expect them to drop shortly after launch, considering it's entry in the middle of T-Mobile's smartphone lineup.

Source: IntoMobile via BGR



1. unregistered

HELLO???? Am I the only one who remembers that smart phones were costing at least $300 after rebate IF you signed up for unlimited data less than a year ago? The Pearl is an old phone. They SHOULD be cheaper because of how old they are. A brand new flip version shouldn't be a free phone. It's one hell of a piece of advanced technology. To call that pricey is insane. I hate how people who "review" things don't think about reality when they do their reviews. No phone will EVER be perfect. Nothing will EVER meet your satisfaction. Nobody should EVER take what you say to heart.

2. unregistered

crybaby, kc850 is perfect

3. unregistered

those prices seem just fine and inline with other devices, such as the pearl for instance

4. Jacosta unregistered

These prices seem "high" 2 u? So, I suppose that the 8120 should also be a $50 phone? These prices seem right in line and average 2 me after hearing so much positive news about this phone!

5. unregistered

I wont freak out and go cut my wrists like the first guy but the pearl is selling for under $100 on VZW, I think the flip version of the phone should be priced around the same amount if not less. Flip phones tend to lose a little verse the normal blackberrys.

6. unregistered

You I am going to have to agree. This price seems to fit nearly perfect. I mean obvioulsy with the iphone changing the way cell phones are priced is going to be a factor but 150.00 seems to be right in line to me. Maybe even a little cheap for the starting price. I mean we are talking about the first flip phone from Rimm. That has to mean something and I bet it does to a lot of people. Actually, how many flip smart phones are there? Few and far between and BB always excels in all of the products they put out. And I am sure this is no different.

7. unregistered

Most of my customers looking for a smartphone are pleasently surprised to see blackberries coming in at the sub-$200 mark, especially given that comparable windows mobile devices are 2-3 times that. And other high-end non smartphones are actually costing more than blackberries right now.

8. johnw unregistered

Come on, are cell phones really worth $300 - $1000? It's a phone for christ sakes...

9. unregistered

And why are you here johnw? So to you, there is pretty much no difference between a Razr V3c compared to a HTC Touch Pro, Iphone, or Blackberry Curve huh? I mean they all have the ability to make a phone call, so that makes them the same right?

11. johnw unregistered

Yeah, pretty much, if I was to do more than make a call, I'd pull out my laptop which is a thousand times more powerful than any phone.

12. unregistered

Pull your laptop out of where? Your pocket? We realize a laptop is more powerful, but how many people carry their laptops when they go our shopping, clubbing, hiking, etc.? A phone is a thousand times more convenient due to it's mobility. That's what you pay for, laptop-esque (as well as camera and cell phone) capabilties on a mobile device.

10. :) unregistered

This Phone is HOT! I was messing around with it two days ago it has a lot of applications and it is very fast browsing wis. I think that the price it right for a new release, as it gets older and Rim starts producing more it will get cheaper but for now ITS WORTH EVERY PENNY!!

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