T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve users get OS 4.5 update

T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve users get OS 4.5 update
For those that have been waiting for the day that T-Mobile would launch BlackBerry OS 4.5, the wait is finally over. The revised operating system is available immediately, and can be found directly on T-Mobile's website. Finally, the 8320 will support HTML e-mail, video recording, attachment downloading, myFaves 1.5, and slight enhancements to the web browser and BlackBerry Messenger.

So, what is this myFaves 1.5? We dug a bit deeper and found that this was essentially anupgrade to the T-Mobile website that displays every contact you've everhad in your list and any changes you have ever made, along with the continued ability to select icons for the individuals, or purchase them for .99 from the online store. It can all be found in the new OS 4.5.

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1. unregistered

who cares

2. unregistered

tmobile ppl car

3. tech1 unregistered

yes who cares to have a free video recorder,better email and browser upgrade.and it's all free.

4. primewax unregistered

I care, because I want it for my VZW Curve lol

5. sinfulta unregistered

Uh... Your VZW blackberry does all of this except for the HTML email support.

6. unregistered

Obviously you don't care because you don't have a T-Mobile Blackberry Curve you probably still have a old nokia or a VZW chocolate get UP TO DATE Fan boy

7. Derek unregistered

You can already update your VZW Curve to OS 4.5. Go to the Blackberry website w/ internet explorer.

8. Derek unregistered

In fact, you get free HTML email support, Documents to Go, a revamped media player, and a few other tweeks. Check out crackberry.com, for more info.

9. primewax unregistered

I thought about that, but I figured I'd wait for the official one. It's supposed to be out any day now. I realize I can already do most of this but I want that HTML email lol

10. primewax unregistered

Thus my reasoning. lol

11. unregistered

The VZW update IS official. Do what Derek said, just go to the BB website.

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