Symbian cellphones threatened by new Trojan horses

Symbian cellphones threatened by new Trojan horses

Antivirus companies have warned about the appearance of three new Trojan horses that threaten mobile phones, based on Symbian operating system. The three malicious programs, which spread via Bluetooth or multimedia messages, disguised as legitimate applications, include:


The Bootton.E Trojan horse – considered to be the most crippling. It makes the handset restart, releasing at the same time corrupted components. They cause the reboot to fail and leave the device unusable.


The Pbstealer.D Trojan horse - sends an infected user's contact list, notepad, and calendar to-do list via Bluetooth to other Bluetooth-enabled devices in the vicinity


The Sendtool.A Trojan horse – sends malicious programs to other devices through Bluetooth


Accoring to the antivirus companies, this malware, unlike worms on computers, can't spread unnoticed because it spreads as attachments, which need to be downloaded. Therefore it most probably won't have the chance to spread very far.



Source: Yahoo!News


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