Survey says...Verizon has wrested 12% of the Apple iPhone 4 market from AT&T

Verizon has already captured 12% of the Apple iPhone market, a solid showing for Big Red, but it comes nowhere close to crippling AT&T as many analysts had forecast...
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20. networkdood

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So, this article states: 'Verizon has a 12% share of the U.S. market for the Apple iPhone 4. ' So, okay, AT&T has lost 12% of the market share to Verizon for iphone ownership....but again, we have no clue what percent of that is from customers who left AT&T just for the CDMA iphone. It is truly amazing how people on here and other site 'fight' over companies and phones. Do you really think manfacturers and wireless carrier care about anyone except about ensuring that their CEOs have a big bonus at the end of the year? AT&T comes out with the Captivate....neutered...mine can do 1.3+ mbps the 'mobile AP' hot spot tethering thing, can be used on any GSM network I choose, upload files from e- mail or internet, download 3rd party apps (not from marketplace), etc...etc...because I made it that way. The company that will win in the end is the one that will allow customers the most freedom to do what and when they want on their phones/wireless devices, for the best price. Being the fastest and most reliable will not necessarily mean that company will succeed to being #1 So far, it appears Verizon is #1 in many areas that customers care about. At least with 4 companies competing for our dollars, we, the consumer, will benefit. Maybe, if a company can figure out how to blanket the entire nation in their coverage, no matter the weather, terrain, or other issues, then that company will be the new #1 can hope.... That will

22. networkdood

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Hey do I edit my grammar...

27. orly unregistered

No data about the small number of iphones that have been put on the tmobile network???

34. chuckchizzle

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I think its funny, when the first I phone came out it was still using "edge" when 3G was available. Then BAM here comes the I phone 3G when the First I phone buyers where still locked into a Apple made money if they bought it w/o contract and AT&T made money from the people that cut their contract to get it. Plus all of the new acts. that got on board.... Now Verizon gets the I phone 4 that runs on 3G when 4G is available AND the I Phone 5 will be here soon.....those guys are devilishly smart.
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