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Super Bowl Ad shows off the new App Store vanity URLs

0. phoneArena posted on 04 Feb 2013, 02:19

An ad for the new Star Trek movie that ran during the Super Bowl, displayed the new vanity URLs that are available for developers to use on ads or other types of promotion; the so-called App Store Short Links gives you the AppStore.com link followed by something that will remind people of your app or apps and can be picked out when submitting an app...

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posted on 04 Feb 2013, 05:02 1

1. Mxyzptlk (unregistered)

This is a great idea. Way to go Apple.

posted on 04 Feb 2013, 11:30 1

2. hepresearch (unregistered)

That is a catchy thing to do, and now no one else will be allowed to try it because Apple will sue the living snot out of anyone who dares to try. Once again, doing anything that Apple does is "copying," even if it just means that you put the same number of sugar cubes in your coffee that the receptionist in that great new Apple-torus HQ in Cupertino does. If the people clamour for something, and Apple develops it "first" [meaning they can piggyback on a less-successful product and then claim 'first' as long as their implementation of the same technology or idea drew greater popularity... i.e. the capacitive touch screen, using the colors black and white, rectangles with rounded corners, thin bezels, and soon to be reclaiming icons on a desktop/homescreen, for which they have been tolerating Microsoft for over two decades now... but now Microsoft is moving off of Apple's tender toes and using "Live Tiles" instead], then they want to make sure that no one else can do something similar [or even competitive]... and thus, the adoring world becomes crack-addicts to Apple's hegemonic offerings, for which they are willing to pay through the nose to obtain because there are no alternatives of ANY kind.

With Microsoft stepping away from the old legal action they won over Windows using icons on a GUI desktop, the only target left for Apple is all varieties of Linux, the lionshare of them being contained within the Android and Ubuntu ecosystems. As for the 'App Store' moniker, they have chased off RIM, Google, and Microsoft, and now they will chase off Amazon. The new Microsoft Windows offerings are merely a shell of their former predecessors, and not anywhere near the capability, compatibility, or even usability of the past products. Even Mac is more capable now than the new Windows 8, and certainly so much more intuitive to a traditional PC user. No one is left to compete, because they all sell their products for the same pricepoint as Apple (except maybe Google's Nexus line and the Amazon Kindle Fire line, but they won't last much longer), and none of them offer the same level of consumer-end refinement in their products as Apple does. After all, wasn't it Khan from Star Trek II who once said, "Revenge is a dish that is best served cold..."

Yeah, it is a great idea. Everyone who is not an Apple fan will suffer for it.

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