Student develops a capacitor that could charge a cell phone in 30 seconds

18 year old Eesha Khare of Saratoga, California won the Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award, earning...
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22. mydi.maus unregistered


24. grahaman27

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supercapacitors are nothing new, they dont have near the energy density of batteries. thats the catch... a battery that only lasts 4 hours but charges in 30 seconds.

32. juandante

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Well I do study in Physics, nano-electronics and this article is as always, incomplete about the technology and about the real usage of this discovery witch is normal because this is not a specialized site. By the way, I think this trick was discovered by this girl a while ago (or maybe a similar technique found by somebody else) because I remind that I read something like this in a paper magazine some weeks back.

25. Larry_ThaGr81

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Congrats to Eesha on her ground breaking discovery. Hopefully some of these major players can start funding her research to expedite the development and testing process, so that we can see this new technology being applied to cell phone batteries within the next 2 yrs.

26. james1

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Smart girl, she has a future in technology.

28. 1ceTr0n

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I wanna patent her, rowwwr......

29. speckledapple

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And it will all be ready in about a decade

35. eisenbricher

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Hahhaa.. right said fred

30. krustyclown841

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Wow hopefully with this we can charge future electric vehicles as quickly as filling up a car with gas. being at a supercharging station for 30 minutes or more is not practical for long trips...

31. taikucing unregistered

this reminds me toyota TS030 Le Mans car with supercapacitor for energy recovery system.


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40. jamil_m7

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even if she invented a battery that lasts a 1000 years she's still ugly!

41. ryq24

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A genius and a future billionaire !

42. Bluesky02

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Congrats to her, she created something amazing that is gonna make consumer life even better
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