Storm software update leaked

Storm software update leaked
After a rough first week of existence, a upgrade for the new BlackBerry Storm has been leaked on the CrackBerry web site. The upgrade takes the first touch screen BlackBerry from the OS that was loaded with the phone to OS The upgrade is done using a Windows PC.

Those who upgraded their Storm have reported greatly reduced lag on the accelerometer, faster web browsing, and speedier loading of applications.

For those who are apprehensive about loading "leaked" software, Verizon is expected to send an OTA upgrade with the .75 OS as soon as this Tuesday.

As we've noted in our review, the Storm has sub-par performance with its initial software. We'll update our review as soon as Verizon Wireless officially releases the new software version.

source: CrackBerry, Thanks Alan



1. unregistered

cool. we'll see how the upgarded software is. i am still waiting until they get all the bugs out b4 i get i. or i'll just go with the samsung omnia. FANBOY lifer!

9. unregistered

The upgrade is pretty sweet honestly. It makes everything much smoother. Its almost night and day. Applications still lag alittle but it seems the wait is cut in half. Seems to be as quick as a second(literally say one one thousand) to as long as two. Maybe its completely unrealistic to expect instant but I do. Fliping the phone side around to watch the screen change side is by far the best improvement.... Its sooooo fast..

11. unregistered

we have been playing with the omnia in store and it really isn't all that nice. the touch screen is still not good. samsung touch screens for verizon don't seem to compare with their other offerings for other providers. the optical mouse takes some getting use to. if the s/w upgrade for the storm improves it that much go for the storm. except for the lack of wifi and the camera the omnia really isn't worth it IMO. I wanted a reason to like the omnia but I really don't have one. Windows mobile OS don't seem to cut it anymore

46. unregistered

What is with all the complaints about sure type??? Maybe its because i have an envy but the keyboard as hard to press on the storm as my envy... It may have been in my head but after the software upgrade it didnt seem to require less pressure to push

66. smoke stack unregistered

whats the deal bro. the phone is amazing for a wm6. I guess you want the phone to microwave your $1.00 tv dinner. O well you should know that demo phones on all the walls always have problems and may not be up to speed because everyone is pounding on them. Good luck. Try the touch pro and we will wait for you negative comments next week.

69. unregistered

The upgrade is awesome perfect the response time is very very fast web is also faster I'm glad I didn't wait but for everyone that dose it's worth it and I say do it as soon as Verizon releases it... You won't be sorry I love my storm it get better and better all the time best touch phone out there I say better than that iphone.....

2. unregistered

yeah, if the upgraded software doesent do it ill just get the Omnia!

24. unregistered

i played with the omnia at vzw it is slow

57. unregistered

amazing how every store must have a different type of onmia, because i played with one in a store and EVERYTHING was considerably faster than the storm, and the touch screen worked just fine

72. unregistered

I used a non active omnia and it's nice.......but it's still windows. The Samsung skin can't hide that fact. The phone is awesome for a windows user however don't be fooled by the camera and screen. I took a side by side picture with the omnia and storm and it was night and day. The storm had much brighter colors and overall a much sharper picture in my opinion. Also the Omnia feels really really cheap compaired to the storm. They should have used a metal casing. (Again this is just my opinion being a owner of an iphone and storm)

75. unregistered

A big part of the problem is applications running in the back ground. Verizon keeps doing this sweet thing were they dont put alot of ram on their devices. If you close the extra apps the storm is alot quicker even with the old software(although not great) and the same with the omnia.

3. unregistered

i dont see how the update is going to fix the workout for your thumb... that "click" has to be the worst implementation of a good idea ever... if it wasnt required to apply 800psi, then it would be nice... hopefully the update does fix the lag issue with the phone... i see the phone being opened up to other carriers soon... seeing as how word got out, and vzw probably wont be able to match the exclusive sales numbers required to keep it... lets see all the vzw fanboys come out and say something...

5. Midnight unregistered

only problem with your post here is RIM is equally to blame for the rocky launch due to not having a fast OS available. I would imagine they would back off the sales goals for the first few months until things really get rolling.

13. unregistered

hmmm. seems like you have a biased opinion on the phone and vzw. as for sales I can't find one at any store I go to so I think sales are probably pretty strong. I need to leave my Iphone and at&t since I don't have coverage where I work and I can't seem to find a storm to port in to. I guess waiting isn't so bad since there seems like a s/w update is going to fix some things

15. unregistered

i like the phone and the os... dont like the touchscreen... more precisely, the click... and i dont have a problem with vzw, its the fanboys that come on here and blab about this that or the other... i am simply hoping to see the storm2 on other carriers... instead of forcing customers to go to the evil empire...

19. unregistered

Yeah, like the iPhone is different? You have to leave the country to get that on another carrier...

25. unregistered

the iphone is garbage... besides, you can unlock the iphone... not that i would want to, but you can...

26. unregistered

you can unlock the storm too

35. unregistered

one. the phone sureclick response system is amazing, nothing is more accurate, and for people crying about it , maybe you could try excercising some what, because it doesnt exert any true energy to push your fingers on the screen compared to typing on a keyboard. highlight and click was genius.This system is simply more accurate compared to anything else out there, and the software upgrade will make the highlight portion of this process more responsive. two. verizon NOT making sales quota? I will amuse you on this and let you think we EVER has a sales quota from RIM on this, hate to break it to you , but the company already put in 50% of the company set quota asked for by VZW in the first half of the launch, and we only launched it less than 2 weeks ago. over 300k sold in the first 24 hours is more than impressive, it is down right amazing . We had systems crashed for reps all over the country due to amount of volume this phone generated, and we still sold over 300k in the first 24 hours. Verizon fail in sales ??? Please, this is the company that has over 150k of the storms waiting in pre-ship orders, we will sell a million by the end of the year, quote me. 3. evil empire??? isnt it ATT that is charging I phone victims $30 for access to their ridiculous 3g network that can barely provide 40% coverage in America??? Isnt it ATT who doesnt give insurance opitions on their higher end devices and charges upgrade fees for customers renewing? Isnt it ATT who is 10x's more expensive on per MB charges for their handsets? Evil empire??? I think not, thats why we lead the industry in KEEPING our customers on our network, and we have been the best in this for years running now. The Storm with the new software update is removing I Phone users left and right, I have personally been porting them so much more often now it is hilarious. Those type of users are only faithful to the best device, and VZW has it. Dont get your hopes up because this Storm is the only touch screen device BB will be making and it is FOREVER exclusive to VZW, with no sales quota contignency. Sorry but those who say otherwise are lying, it never had any contigency on it and it was all a rumor the whole way through.

39. unregistered

i dont see how typing with your thumbs on "sureclick" is as similar to typing on an actual keyboard. the only time you use your thumb on the keyboard is for the space bar or bottom row... so your text messages should be full of space bars... its nice that so many storms have sold at launch, but like the g1, that was all hype... once word got out how immature the g1 was, sales have dropped drastically... and will continue to drop... just like the storm will... words out on how bad it is... updates can definitely fix issues here or there, but the core click system is horrible... regarding the being in shape comment... i doubt that the majority of the reviewers were out of shape... or the users... its simple science... read the articles related to people who have had thumb injuries... see their pictures... and tell me that they were out of shape... YES, there are dozens of people who have injured themselves simply typing on this device which "doesnt exert any true energy to push... when compared to typing on a keyboard"... nice try you fanboy... at&t is bad... real bad... but crippling phones, and charging a mandatory smartphone data plan is what makes vzw the evil empire...

41. unregistered

not for use in the us...

42. unregistered

you can unlock the phone but it wont work on any US carriers...sorry

44. unregistered

What city are you in?

47. vzw fanman unregistered

i have the gay voyager and when i use the storm's keyboard it feels the exact same way as texting on a physical qwerty keyboard! in fact its harder to push a button on the voyager keyboard compared to the storms! what is everyone's problems, if you dont like touch screen dont get the freakin thing and stick with a curve. if you cry babies seriously injure yourselves in the first place you need to go get checked for arthritis! yea the evil empire who dominates in coverage!!! there are more ads for verizon on the internet than gayt&t and who wants a gay blue ball when you can have a checkmark with verizon! haha lol!

50. unregistered

your comment is fanboy based and retarded. just for the heck of it i googled 'blackberry storm thumb injuries' and while i got 'blackberry thumb' it wasnt in related to the storm. it was related to people sitting there spending all there time clicking away on blackberries. maybe its a GOOD thing peoples thumbs will get tired with the storm occasionally. it MIGHT actually get people to use something besides there f##king phone. And has been said about 50 THOUSAND times blackberries have ALWAYS required a data plan on ANY carrier (that i know of) since theres no option to turn the browser off. theres no option. and even if you COULD (i have accidentally done so doing swaps in netace a few times) you wouldnt WANT to go with no data cuz your bill would be massive in days. if not hours. Not VZW's fault. blame blackberry for that. while im sure one of the reasone the plan is required is money, I know one of the motivations for requiring it on new smartphones is the number of times i head people complaining about there bill. since they DIDNT add a data plan and went surfing the web after they said they wont. most of the sales reps i know are sure to fully disclose using something that uses that much data without a plan isnt really a great idea. people need to stop buying PDA's as fashon statements.90% of the time i hear someone ask about a blackberry (before the storm was even announced) the question/statement is "why do i need a data plan? I just want a blackberry cuz its a blackberry." or something to that nature. Show me one LEGITIMATE link about someone injuring there thumbs on a storm. not just someone whining in a forum cuz they couldnt send 200 emails in a hour like they could on there 8830 8330 or 8130. boo-hoo. get something more buisness orinted. most big buisnesses dont even ALLOW cameras much less 3.2MP ones.

52. unregistered

there are several people over at using an unlocked Verizon storm on at&t and t mobile.

53. unregistered

Are you kidding? They're comparing it to using a keyboard on a hardware qwerty phone, in which case you're typing entirely with your thumbs. Wow.

55. tflex

Posts: 146; Member since: Oct 24, 2008

ur an idiot...go watch a fergie video or something cuz ur arguments suck.

56. vzw fanman unregistered

haha and what argument are you pertaining to? like ive said, any one who texts/writes emails 24/7 of course their fingers/thumbs will become tired, but i really cant any see any injuries and anyone who just casually texts/emails should have no problems. cingular is a better name than at&t

63. unregistered

People seriously hurt their thumbs from texting? Wow.

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