Storm pricing and release date are set

Verizon spills the beans on the pricing and release date of the Storm...
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42. unregistered

I heard it was compatible with I-tunes. is it?

43. unregistered

Yes Sir!!!!!!!

44. Jyakotu unregistered

Hm...there are springs behind the touch screen right? I wonder how long until Verizon bulls back sales of the storm because of faulty springs. xD

55. unregistered

what the hell are you talking about

56. unregistered

springs? are people really as stupid as #31. he lists about 20 things NO PHONE does...and then he eeps harping on wi fi. Here is an update re re....your precious little I phone NEEDS wifi support because att 3g is not going to hold a candle to VZW 3g coverage.

58. unregistered

spring...there are no springs on the phone...contrary to what people think the screen isnt a botton. i thought that as well until i actually used it...the screen is just a screen

59. unregistered

he's just dreaming...LOL..someone take a needle and pop his bubble please...

61. unregistered

Is this phone coming out on Sprint?

108. unregistered

seriously!!! have you heard all the talk of it being on ther verizon network... do some research before you ask a stupid question.

63. BIG RED unregistered

Does anyone know if the Storm will have an app store like the G1 or Iphone? Meaning a place to download tools and apps from 3rd parties besides the tools available from Verizon? And b4 I get gangraped by people thinking I am an Iphone buttboy...Relax. I have Verizon and am not going anywhere. it's just a question. Thanx in advance.

64. unregistered

I have the storm brother and it has an app store up with about 25 apps right now...and this is pre launch

67. unregistered

I don't believe the app store is running yet, but blackberry will have an app store.

81. BIG RED unregistered

Thanks! I appreciate the there a site I can see the apps that are available pre-launch? Thanks in advance.

68. unregistered

Does anyone know what kind of screen the Storm has, capacitive (like the iphone) or resistive(like the Voyager & Omnia)?

74. unregistered


75. unregistered

Really? Where did you get that info?

76. unregistered

OK, I found an article that says it has a capacitve screen: a.html

70. unregistered

You know what I find to be funny, is the fact that most of the people that talked all that crap about the iPhone being keyboardless were Blackberyy users. Now that blackberry has a touch screen keyboard it seems like its the next best thing since sliced bread. I think people need to stop being so ignorant. I for one have an iPhone but now that the Blackberry Bold is out on at&t I plan on getting that too since I love Blackberry. Also, maybe everyone should stop praising a phone that has yet to be released. Just because the phone states to have tons of features doesnt mean the phone will be great. Dont forget the iPhone does have a killer web browser and to be honest the pinch and zoom feature is really great. I like other phones too but I have kept my current apple because of that feature. If the Blackberry incorporates features like that to their web browser I will be sold. BUT ONLY AFTER I SEE AND PLAY WITH THE ACTUAL PHONE!!!! NOT LIKE MOST OF YOU THAT ARE GOING OFF OF WHAT YOU THINK IT WILL BE LIKE.

87. anynomous unregistered

FINALLY! The storm is coming out :) Does anyone know how much my total would be a month including the house phone and internet?

88. unregistered

The Iphone requires a data plan at $30/month too. And VZW 3G network covers 85% of the country... AT&T is less than 3%. Take a look at 3G coverage on AT&T (the map won't load lol). VZW has a comparison on their page of VZW/ATT coverage for 3G.

90. vzw fanboy unregistered

actually the comparison map is out of date it is from august 15! and if you look at at&t's 3g coverage map, they are doing a pretty good job catching up!! they have coverage in oklahoma city where verizon doesnt also in parts of texas where verizon doesnt.

89. unregistered

Do you know you guys are talking about cellphones? cellphones, cellphones. WOW

95. BIG RED unregistered

Does anyone know if the Storm will be able to send pix messages? Sounds stupid but for all its hype the iphone cant even do that without having to log onto a website.

96. unregistered

Yes it can.

97. BIG RED unregistered

What about Vcast service? I currently have it on my Voyager but I notice that Verizon Blackberry's in the past have disable Vcast? Will the Storm allow Vcast video or just the music? Thanx in advance.

104. vzw fanboy unregistered

i have the voyager and i wonder the same thing? i hate my voyager, it is boring., do you like urs?

114. BIG RED unregistered

I do find my Voyager boring. I mean I like the screen and Vcast service but it seems like its lacking something. I dunno maybe its just me.

116. vzw fanman unregistered

i totally agree.

99. VZW Employee unregistered

Wow I guess the "STORM" is causing a "STORM"! November 21st is the official release date as of now... Limited quanity in store so most of the purchases of the "STORM" will be shipped to customers.

101. unregistered

I had a chance to get hands on with this device yesterday and it is flat out amazing. The way the touch/click of the screen works is sick!!!!! The display quality and sound are also astounding. There is a lag in it when opening applications and when you tilt the screen but those are supposed to be worked out by the time the "acutal" phone hits the stores. The iphone is a neat device but anyone who says the Storm won't take its place is dead wrong...wait until you use it and you will change your tune quickly. And remember...ITS THE NETWORK!
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