Storm pricing and release date are set

Verizon spills the beans on the pricing and release date of the Storm...
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79. unregistered

That is also why VZW is the most profitable Wireless company. Its smart business. Sure Verizon could drop the price of their plans, but people dont have a problem paying an extra $40 for Verizon's unl. Premium plan, so why change it and lose money?

91. unregistered

they would hardly be "losing money"

92. unregistered

if I want a PDA device for the pda functions and dont want the internet I shouldnt have to pay for something I dont want

93. unregistered

if you want a PDA device for the PDA function, then go buy a Palm Pilot.

102. unregistered

Hey homie #83 I have to disagree I have worked for all major carriers and a few not so major. In regards to Sprint and Verizon having IDENTICAL coverage as you so eliquently wrote, is wrong. If you have a Blackberry 8830 from Sprint and one from Verizon you will indeed notice that the Verizon one works better and I'm not just saying this because I work for Verizon some of my best friends work for Sprint and we compare coverage, and you can tell that Verizon's internet is much faster and you just don't drop calls with Verizon. So yes on a coverage map Sprint and Verizon appear to have the same coverage but when you get down to brass tacts, Verizon is simply put better, trust me it took me a while to believe it but its true, get a Sprint and Verizon phone, same model and use them I mean really use them make calls all over the place and always connect to the internet and you will see a difference. I'm not trying to make anybody look bad or belittle anyone. I am just letting people know from my personal experience. . . AMJ

117. unregistered

I can understand making small errors due to rapid typing, but "absorbant"??? You mean exorbitant? Which means extreme, or high. Or are you just high while you're typing?

20. kevin k unregistered

I must confess confusion as to just how much the actual SERVICE for the Storm will cost. There seem to have been so many recent plan/pricing changes of late. I don't use my phone a great deal for calls, but E-MAIL ACCESS, WEB BROWSING, and NAVIGATION are real important to me. Anyone? What will a Storm plan cost me??? Thanks!

22. unregistered

the basic data plan will be 29.99 for regular US data usage. this is the normal data plan itself not including messaging or VZ naigatoror global roaming or anything like that bundled.

24. unregistered

and if you combine it with a regular basic calling plan(39.99), your looking at approx $70 a month before taxes messaging any any other features you choose to add.

52. unregistered

just sell your house and you should have enough money

80. unregistered

$160 a month will get you unlimited everything, including Nav.

86. unregistered

Iqnore everyone above me because they are missing you question. If you want the basic 450 with unlimited internet it will be 69.99.. if you want vz its an extra 9.99 a month but honestly google maps is free and as long as you can read it works pretty darn well..

21. unregistered

#20 $54.99 unlimited data ,email, and txt voice plan. This is a DATA ONLY plan. Enjoy the STORM !

26. unregistered

cant compare this phone with the iphone because one is for business and one is more multimedia fun for young ppl...well at least you cannot compare them entirely, they are in a different genre so to speak

35. Midnight unregistered

the storm isnt just for business. it plays music and video like the iPhone, has a 3.2 mp camera that actually records video unlike the iphone and g1, it also has a full HTML web browser and full HTML push email. social tools like facebook and flickr support built in, Blackberry Messenger and other IM services. this phone really can be for just about everyone.

66. WirelessRep unregistered

It is for everyone! RIM designed this phone tho break the mold of the stigma that Blackberry's are just for corporate users. After 45 mintues of playing with Build Number 86 last night, I saw that they have achieved this. And yes...I did say build number 86. The Touchscreen on the STORM is crazy on point. Their new SureType technology is just sick wit it. This phone has everything the typical BLACKBERRY users would want and everything else that the average joe needs. My ONLY complaint. The web browser could have been a bit more interactive. Now I gurantee you that there will be NO glitches on the day of release. We have already tested our systems with mock sales and performance tests for all reps. This is why Big Red is the shizzzzle and will kill the iPhone-izzzlle. Good day

130. unregistered

i played with build 90 something in the store today.... love that screen. i think my next upgrade is decidided already. a touchscreen querty i can actually use! i didnt think it would ever happen! The haters out there will be major haters when they actually play with it.... Iwhat? you have a Iphone? that antique?

27. unregistered

i love how all the vzw fanboys are saying the iphone is going away... the number one selling phone isnt going to disappear overnight, especially when the storm is still a blackberry, and nothing more... albeit the iphone is a glorified ipod, there are thousands of apps available that the iphone has, which is a solid jump over storm dedicated apps... both can coexist just fine... an iphone for one, and a storm for another.... i hate all the vzw fanboys who jump on here and start spewing garbage out of their computers... this is a great phone, but like every phone out there, its just a phone... no need to get hyped up over it... its not a flag that you swear allegiance to, or a deity that you pray to...

28. unregistered

Verizon has to cripple the team that put policies in their handsets selection There is nothing revolutionary about the phone except it’s a mimic or a copy of the iphone lacking a lot of features 528 mhz processor, not 624 mhz, neutered, matter of fact they have chosen a cheaper cpu pxa930 instead of the powerful pxa320 (samsung omnia) which can be over clocked to a 806mhz (pxa320 has 256 kb l2 cache and a 768 kb 3d frame buffer) Not vga, only half the revolution! When they thought of the resolution, they saw the iphone as the limit, there is no creativity (this would prove that it’s copying) No wide screen format to play movies nicely, only square 4:3 aspect ratio, they forgot to copy that. No infrared port No flash support No bluetooth v2.1 *no video acceleration, u have to pay for data plans but u cant play online games! *no led, regular tft lcd *no 16.7 millions true colors like the iphone, * no wimax, don’t even dream about it *no wifi, no streaming (u will be charged to watch movie, u can’t watch internet tv or even listen to internet radio), 5gb=$29.0, 6gb=$290.0, 7gb=$2900.0 ...carrier wealth and gain depends on your overage. Watching you tube movies is fun and fast and free in wifi, you even can’t synchronies contacts with computer without wifi No high number of channels of polyphonic (32 channels only) ringtones typically 72 Pages are slow to load and render and zoom/pan operations were slow and jerky no matter what the software version is, it will be in beta till after one year at least. Not really built for multi tasking only small memory even it has big rom also not enough ram No 8-megapixel camera No stereo microphone No stereo loudspeaker No hdmi No electronic dictionary, No buz card recognition No finger print reader Its not cheaper than the iphone There is nothing revolutionary Apple should name their new iphone Tornado, 32gb iphone HD with 800×480p display at 202dpi and with 802.11n wifi or could be wimax

29. unregistered

Do you have any idea how many things you got wrong in that? Grants some are right, but some are wrong. If you're going to come off like a complete douche at least be a RIGHT douche. Now you just come off as a complete douche. When it comes down to it, the storm does more than what the iphone does. Hell, a ton of phones do more what the iphone does. This phone is better. Just get over it, move on, it had to happen someday.

32. unregistered

since when did the iphone come in a 8 meg camera uber douche

34. unregistered

all these iphone ppl NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED to STOP!!!!!!! jerking off to their freaking iphone

39. vzw fanboy unregistered

HAHA ive seen people do it too LOL!!! yea and lets make a list of all the things the iphone doesnt have that most phones do!

53. unregistered

yup. VZW is crippled. the Storm will suck. There isn't one thing about it that is good *sarcasm* I mean really how high can your freakin expectations be? Call me crazy, but the iPhone doesn't have half that stuff either. hmm...

60. unregistered

Maybe next iPhone should take Storm's old name Thunder and strike you in the head to make yourself realize how retarded you look typing out features of your dream phone which by the time they build that phone it might look like the ol' a$$ phone that Zack Morris had from Save By The Bell

33. unregistered

you will be able to use the Storm for multimedia usage and it'll come with an 8g memory card included and with 1g of internal memory, so all you iphone lovers get over your selves already you phone is old ..........

38. unregistered

Iphone is old news... All it is now is trendy to carry the damn thing.

54. unregistered

the iPhones is still good though, who cares if it is "old news"

40. unregistered

did anyone tried the interface yet, cause you can download it from blackberry's site. too bad the phone don't have wifi and also you are forced to get a data plan. other then that this would be a great phone.

41. unregistered

The storm will sell because it's a Verizon Phone... I don't have an iPhone because it's on ATT, but I'll transfer to Verizon for the Storm.
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