Storm pricing and release date are set

Verizon spills the beans on the pricing and release date of the Storm...
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2. unregistered

Does Storm support multiple language?? Asian - Korean??

46. unregistered

Yes it supports mulit languages. Have fun finding the download on rims webpage though.. lol

3. unregistered

what about the price with out contract??

4. unregistered


5. unregistered

probably like 400 or something like that

8. luvinlunch unregistered

One arm and one leg

10. unregistered

if it's the same price as the dare then 349-430 aargh i might have to add another line to my fucking contract just to get this

50. unregistered

a lot

103. unregistered

instead of thinking you have to add a line see if you can get an early upgrade. 1yr early upgrades for all lines over 59.99.

6. unregistered

thats kinda cool. a touch screen blackbery. but personaly i would wait till next year to buy it so people can find out all the bugs and shit thats wrong wit it.

7. unregistered

No need to wait, I have used blackberry equipment for the last 5 years and there are never any bugs with their devices. RIM takes the time to get the product right the first time. This is the main reason why we have waited an additional 3-4 months since the "so-called" original release date. So in my opinion get it now while you can and pick up the hottest and best phone out there.

9. unregistered

First of all, Blackberry product is great but there are always bugs with any device! take a look at the Blackberry pearl. Not only did the trackball break or just not work after a while, but the phone also froze A LOT!!! Every phone has a bug to if i were you, i would wait to het this phone. Yes it is cool and the touchscreen is awesome, but remember that you also have to get an additional data package of $30 a month, that is if you don't already have a smart phone.

14. vzw fanboy unregistered

i got the voyager back in january and the same voyager now is the same back then. the updates fix the bugs

25. unregistered

Verizon was thinking about releasing the phone back in june, but they decided against cause they did want work out all the bugs before it went on sale. This thing has been used and abused and fixed time and time again so all the bugs have been worked out. You'll be good to go getting a new one.

47. unregistered

Guess what. Phone's like Voyager, Dare, ect... Will be requiering the data package!! NO, not the $30 one. The $15 ones.. suck for youz. ROCKS for MEEZ!

51. unregistered

that is not to say there won't be ANY bugs. What if all the phones have complete failure, than darn, you should've waited for all the problems to be fixed. It is smart to wait, because with such a high tech, mass produced product, there is always that chance of problems.

57. unregistered

Umm.. Ya, an if you wait. Once all the "BUGS" are "FIXED" there will be a new phone for you to go crazy over and wonder if you should get that. BUT WAIT!! All the "BUGS" are "FIXED" in the old out dated one.. Lol, then you will just end up going with the new one anyways.. Geez, smatie.. No, seriously though.. EVEN PHONES THAT HAVE BEEN OUT AND "FIXED" STILL HAVE ISSUES! Get over it an buy the dang storm.. You know you want it.. An if you don't get it; all the other kids on the block with their new cool phone's with or without problems. AN YOU WON'T!! You think Verizon would let their brand new MONSTER MONEY MAKING PHONE go to crap. NO? Would any company.. IPHONE!! G3!!?? NO! They get their fixes out ASAP! That's it.. Ya, tard..

72. unregistered

I played with it for a few hours and i havent found any glitches as of yet

78. unregistered


82. unregistered

do you work for vzw??? obviously not because i do....and the 15$ pack is for V-pack which is an OPTIONAL feature and they are not requiring that you have that feature on your plan...only that you are on a nationwide plan so you can use the full html browser ...If i were you i would make sure i know what i'm talking about before i post it on a phone forum! aparently it Sucks for you...

85. unregistered

Actually, it is nice because, finally, all PDA's will require a data package, so no more customers who want a phone for the calendar and/or contact management without e-mail and web. If the same goes for devices like the Dare or the Voyager with Vcast requirement or even better, a premuim plan requirement, that just means more data sales that are less likely to charge back right? It will make your life as a Rep a lot easier. Just sayin... you really dont know who you are talking to here.

106. unregistered

wow, you work for verizon. I know your a sales person on the bottom because they will be requiring it in the coming months.. ok noob #99..

110. atlantaguy unregistered

"it sucks for you"..... Are they hiring TWELVE YEAR OLDS now at Verizon? Who talks like that??

12. Crazydude1405

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15. unregistered

i have a good idea how about a cell phone company put out a smartphone and have the service free. would that make everyone happy???? how about giving away free phones or how about car dealerships selling you the car and giving you the gas free for a lifetime .... that would be greaaaat!!!!!! lets all be realistic here you buy a pda, smartphone , pocket pc whatever you want to call em.. you have to need this device for email and internet access therefore you would pay the extra money for the service or you just dont need the service hence dont need the device. stop complianing about the pricing of the services its getting boring and sounds like you guys are all under the age of 13 with no job and no money. remember there is a reason high speed internet is not the same price as dial up. you get what you pay for. stop acting like a bunch of divorced wives talking about thier xhusbands new girlfriend.

17. FELLOW VZW REP unregistered


18. unregistered

1st of all, for those talking about Verizon, need to get a life, if you're so opinionated, then go work for a company so you can write reviews, not one company will ever be perfect. Look at Sprint, great plans, but guess what, THEY JUST WENT THROUGH A LAWSUIT ABOUT ETF! Some company can have good prices on phone, but crappy coverage, some vise-versa, and some just plain ol' crappy. 2nd, those complaining about Storm not having WiFi, need to get a better paying job so you can afford a data plan rather than just smooching off other people's unsecured network, or having to pay for hotspots, FREE WIFI's AREN'T EVERYWHERE. Besides, I know Verizon's mandating everyone with smartphone to get a data plan, but guess what, they're also remodeling their data plan to bundle with unlimited messaging, so shut your pie hole. Granted, although I'm a Verizon customer, yet there are certain features/benefits I'm not happy with, but then again, that's everyone who doesn't get what they WANT. BTW, if you don't travel internationally, Verizon do have the best 3G network and most coverage in the U.S. Those disagrees and are iPhone lovers...what was the most recent headline? iPhone 3G coverage isn't what it makes to be? Might work good for you because maybe you don't travel around, if that's the case, then good for you. 3rd, those complaining about not having QWERTY keyboard, guess what? That's call evolution, eventually all cell phones won't have actual keyboard to type on, then what? you're stuck with house phone...or are you willing to keep your phone from the 1800's, or the one like Zack Morris had in Save By The Bell? People complain and complain, if you don't like it, don't buy it. What RIM's doing is call taking a chance, and a very good chance at that, and that's exactly what every company's doing. You are right, won't be like another iPhone, but guess what, nothing can be duplicated, but only imitated. You bet I will be at the store on the 21st and get myself a new RIM Storm, especially just in time for my upgrade. If there's a bug, so beat it, but from what I can recall, RIM rarely had any software issues.

30. unregistered

Great email you said it all and I agree.... this will separate the men from the boys... LOL or adults from kids, women form girls etc.. The Storm is the the way to go there is no other I to will be there to get my storm and I don't worry about all that other stuff.

48. unregistered

wow, write a book dude. The thing you wrote was crazy long..

69. unregistered

well DUDE! fyi every carrier was involved with a lawsuit over ETF in cali. Sprint was just another company to prorate etfs..... T-mobile still doenst and anytime you ask them a question they require a 2 yr contract but we dont hear people hating on T-mo they are the worst. Sprint like VZW only makes you renew if you get discounted equipment. Another thing if you want to take your hard earned money in the time of an economic crisis and give it to a company that comparitively has Identical service to sprint( barring roaming agreements) Identical.. I have worked for both companies and I cannot stress IDENTICAL service enough than so be it. At least Sprint recognizes that it doesnt need to charge absorbant fees to provide the same quality of service... Go ahead waste your money with Big red they are only using to profit off of you the consumer. If anybody really understood the economics of wireless then you would all shut your holes....... 99.99 unlim everthing !!! or 165 for the same service = 65*24 = 1560 wasted dollars over the course of two years per line..... Go ahead Waste your money for cripled devices on a network that is really no better than anybody else. There is no perfect carrier every single one has its issues but then again I post on Phonearean therefore I am all and knowing not the fact that I have spent years in the wireless industry and have seen ups and downs with all carriers. ........ Good Day
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