Storm pricing and release date are set

Verizon spills the beans on the pricing and release date of the Storm...
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1. unregistered

iphone who?

11. unregistered

oh you know iphone.. remember them? they are the number 1 smart phone on the market. and storm isnt gonna take its seat.

13. unregistered

The iphone is popular among teens who want to blast their music while they text their friends in the middle of math class. The Blackberry Storm however is an innovative touch screen device that people in the business field can find useful and professional.

16. unregistered

which means you wont be getting the storm

19. unregistered

yeah, i think the storm will sell much better, no one cares about the iphone, get over it the design hasent changed since like 1 year and 5 months. except for the back.

23. unregistered

LOL...nice comeback....number 13 got owned!

31. unregistered

o i know the iphone. its that thing that needs to update twice a month with the slow internet speeds oo i know the iphone i know

36. vzw fanboy unregistered

the iphone interface iss sooooo boring. i think the storm will appeal to all age groups

37. unregistered

iphone isnt a smartphone! jeez!!!!!

45. unregistered

Are you kidding.. The storm is foreveryone. It has Rim's simple easy to use OS. An does everything. The thing is high quality merch. You dare not say it's only for biz ppl only. This phone covers all the bases and then some. Please understand that it is the BEST PHONE EVERY!!! (Hopefully) No really though.. Izzl Phone Kizzl.. FO SHIZZL!!

49. unregistered

1. The iPhone is NOT a smartphone. 2. why does everyone hate it? WOW. How mature of you to completely just flat out say you hate EVERYTHING about the phone. That is so stupid. Ths iPhone's touch screen is amazing, it is a high quality product. And for people who have iPods, majority of the people I know, it is convenient to have your iPod be in your phone, so you can just carry around on device. That is not to say the iPhone is perfect, but it is immature to say everything about it sucks. IT is a good phone. As for the Storm, yes it is going to be amazing. but here is the question: Why does one phone have to be better than the other? I mean, sure they are competition, but seriously, chill out.

62. blackberry storm unregistered

sure you just keep telling yourself that number 11! ha

65. unregistered

ur all tools

71. unregistered

and you can put itunes on a blackberry btw

73. unregistered

I also agree that it's not a smartphone, but the iPhone was recently named the number 1 "smartphone" in terms of customer satisfaction with business users... go figure. I'm with you though, why does it matter so much? they're cell phones.. I just flat out love technology. Why hate on a cell phone?

77. unregistered

Actually RIM controls approx. 10%of the Smart phone market where as Apple is sitting around 1%. Good try though. I have an iPod touch and a VZW Blackberry curve, the best of both worlds: Apple product and the RIM/ Verizon network.

83. unregistered


84. unregistered

Not trying to insult you or anything, but that survey was bull, it went for existing business customers who already have smartphones, so they may not even use it as a smartphone. On top of that most companies will only use BB due to encryptions in they're server, so better security and better email support. Why do you think Government employees can only get BB?

94. unregistered

omg~~i can believe people are still hoping this to be the iphone killer~~have u guys ever seen the video demo of this things b4, and it was the official video from RIM its self~~the interface lag like hell~~i not saying that this will be a bad phone, and the actual retail ver MAY not lag like that, but still, dont hope for too much until u touch it urself, u people are not really hoping a good phone, u are just trying to get some reason to blahs the iphone, which is a stupid thing to do.

98. unregistered

Dude. Almost EVERY phone can hold your music and be a mp3 player. It's nothing new with the Iphone.

100. unregistered

I guess you missed the recent JD Power survey where they compared products for business users and Apple's iphone beat out RIM. As far as innovation goes, as much as I hate Apple and the iphone, that product has pushed the industry forward more than any other....ever. So even though I will never carry one, I am thankful that it came out because the selection of phones has become so much better since it's inception.

112. unregistered

Well first of all, for all the AT&T/iPhone groupies...let's not forget that the almighty Iphone was offered to VZW first but VZW rejected the device b/c they didn't want to become Apple's b**ch. Of course the desperate ATT/Cingular...probably soon to be called Apple Wireless...broke the bank to get exclusivity of this device. None of you iPhone supporters talk about that reality tho. The iPhone is the only phone in AT&T's lineup that is even relevent...the Tilt sucked, the Blackjack is worthless and the LG Shine (?)...please AT&T..try again. Second, comparing the iPhone to a Blackberry is like comparing a Honda Accord to a BMW. They're two diff. class of devices. Let's be truthful for a minute...the iPhone pretty much kills every touchscreen phone in the aspect of web browsing and crystal clear resolution on the screen. But let's also be truthful about LG being the first brand to initiate a non-PDA touchscreen phone with the LG Prada. The Storm isn't meant to be a "iPhone Killer"'s almost like Blackberry doesn't have to b/c the phone is so much more capable than the iPhone. But AT&T is getting the Touch Diamond Pro that may be the revival to their phone line-up. So that will make 2 devices. But to be honest with you...Apple Inc. does make a nice product. With the iPod Touch who needs an iPhone?

113. unregistered

Your not to knowlegable are you. Hold on ill use easy terms for you... your dumb. its the number 1 mp3 player that plays YouTube, and happends to have a phone attached to it, granted the device is cool, but BlackBerry OPTOMIZES the buisness world, and the buisness world makes up 60-70% of all cell phone carriers. 90% of that 60-70% have a BlackBerry NOT an iPhone. The Storm will take its seat. It Will.

118. unregistered

what are you talking about? your a retard the iphone is a business phone dipshit, more business consumers have iphones than teens. if a teen wants a loud touch phone, the get one for half an iphoness price, plus no data package. which an iphone requires.

119. unregistered

have any of you ever even used an iphone b4? cuz you pretty much have it all wrong, it is a business related phone. AND a multimedia phone. thats why is supports microsoft exchange. second, this is APLLE we are talking about OFCOURSE they are going to make another generation of iphones, adn it will make up for the differences between the iphone 3g, and the storm.

120. unregistered

it was new with the iphone, since its the first PHONE with an IPOD and a touchscreen ipod nonetheless.

121. unregistered

ok first off, att has a BETTER lineup than vzw with the 4q phones coming up, second apple DID goto att first 3rd, att still has BB, icluding the BOLD. which looks awesome btw. i would seriously prefer a bold over a storm cuz it still has that amazing feature that i couldnt not live without, BUTTONS.

122. unregistered

ok, first off, sorry, wrong, if you really checked out the lineups verizon is better. Second, wrong again, apple went to verizon first, I mean really dude, where are you getting your info? and 3rd.. did you just say the bold was better than the storm? I mean really? dude....... DUDE.....

125. unregistered

lol keep thinking that, since it must be what makes you sleep well at night 149

128. unregistered

that's your response to 149? you didn't even responde with where you get your info or anything. Seems to me you something to help make you sleep at night. Maybe a blanky or a nightlight?
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