Storm pictures get even more official

Storm pictures get even more official
Storm images are starting to pop up all over, and this time we have some official looking-screenshots of the Vodafone version along with Verizon's press shots. There really isn't any new information we can deduce from the shots, but it never hurts to look! Hit the first link for many more images!

sources: StormReviews and CrackBerry

UPDATE: We have unofficial information that it will be available on November 02, 2008.



1. Tony Kropicy unregistered

thats amazing looking, I cant wait. I am soooo dropping my I Phone for this, I cant take the crappy battery life and horrible reception anymore.

2. likeabite unregistered

Can't wait! My windows mobile phone i've had for like 2 years is going right out the window. I'll keep this for about a year or two and get another WinMo phone most likely though lol

3. unregistered


4. unregistered

this phone is pimp.. imma gonna get it as soon as i can. and as a vzw sales rep, i cant wait to be able to sell hundreds of these! :)

5. unregistered

Finally the best phone on the best network!!! And costs only $199 with 2 year agreement or $100 with NE2! A battery alone for the iphone cost 80 bucks lol! So happy i didnt switch to sorry @$$ At&t!! Hey Apple...Can ya hear me know?!!

12. unregistered

I'm still happy that I switched to AT&T. I was a little skeptic because I didn't want to leave Verizon especially since the Storm was coming. But from the pictures, it looks good, but not that great. If I was still in Verizon, I would buy it, but I don't regret getting my iphoen at all.

14. unregistered

that makes at least two of us. This things touch screen won't compare and like all the other attempts to compete with the iphone, it most likely will fail. Besides if the iphone feels challenged it will merely release a software update and bingo bango, you got tons of new features. No other phone designer makes it so easy to upgrade.

24. unregistered

yeah like cut and paste, mms, and video lol

6. cellphone lover unregistered

why try to get i phone. dont understand why ugly and out dated Nokia phone still have 40% market wake every body.

7. unregistered

i hate the Iphone as much as the next person but nothing will kill it off, i swear, seriously nothing can come close to the iphone, but like i said before i hate the iphone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

23. unregistered

you are so looney! thee are tons of much better phones! I am careless about iphone and tired of heraring that word!

8. unregistered

This looks beautiful. . . . I just wish they the touch screen is as good as the iPhones...

9. unregistered

The iphone itself has some great things about it...unfortunately its on at&t's network. But the cold hard truth, all you iphone lovers, is the storm has allot more capabilities and features than the iphone. The only thing that may keep it from destroying the iphone is how well the touch screen will perform. Other than that there is no argument which is a better phone. For anyone reading this saying "he's crazy" please research the specs on each phone...

11. unregistered

Perfectly put. The touch screen and flawlessly smooth interface is what set the iphone ahead of the pack, but Apple dropped the ball when it comes to features. Enter RIM, tried and true phone manufacturer. If they can match the touch sensitivity and smooth interface, NO CONTEST. If not? It will be shelved with all the other iphone wannabes.

22. unregistered

There is definitely a market for a legit iPhone competitor. I work at best buy and on a daily basis (literally every day) have customers leave Verizon simply because they want an iPhone, or ask if they can buy the iPhone outright because they want it (/something similar), but aren't eligible. Just this week I had a customer tell me to go ef myself because "I have 1000 dollars and if I want it I should be able to buy it". That said I couldn't agree more, this phones success hinges almost entirely on the quality of the touch screen.

10. unregistered

but dont you have to get the blackberry business plan before even buying the blackberry??? i heard that plan costs alot

25. unregistered

$30 internet is all you need

13. unregistered

im gonna agree with 16, as long as the touch screen is smooth and the resolution is close to the iphone.. doesnt have to be better or even match. just close this phone will be something to watch out for

15. unregistered

This phone looks great.I have the I-phone which I like but ATT service is the worst.I cannot stay with a carrier with as many dropped calls and missed calls as ATT.I look forward to return to Verizon.

16. unregistered


17. unregistered

i see listings on phoenarena for the 9500 and 9530. is one verizon and one at&t? also, any idea on the date of the verizon release?

18. phyzic unregistered

One is Verizon the other is Rogers (Thunder)...Verizon is exclusive dealer in US for Storm and Rogers is Canada's Exclusive dealer for Thunder

19. unregistered

The phone's official name is Storm, it was called the Thunder for GSM markets but they renamed it to the Storm as well... just a different model number. The 9530 is the VZW variant, the 9500 in the GSM variant.

20. unregistered

Well dont you have to buy the blackberry business plan or whatever before you get the blackberry??

21. unregistered

Yes, just like you have to buy an "iphone' data plan with att. Similiar cost. Plus the storm will have uncrippled GPS and work in Japan, a first for Verizon.

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