Stories you shouldn't have missed this week

Stories you shouldn't have missed this week
It is once again time for a short recap of the past week. Perhaps the most significant event that we reported was the Motorola Mobility acquisition by Google, which is now a done deal. As a result, CEO Sanjay Jha was replaced by Dennis Woodside, and who knows, Mr Jha may not be the only person in need of a new job as thousands of Motorola employees might be given the sack soon, if rumors are to be trusted.

In other news, NVIDIA unveiled its Kai platform, which is the company's recipe for delivering Tegra 3 Android tablets at the very reasonable price point of $199. (Thanks, Kindle Fire!) While no device announcements have been made yet, it would not be surprising if such affordable slates hit the market before the year's end.

Want an iPhone-related story? Here's one: it is rumored that two iPhone prototypes are being tested, and both of them flaunt a 4-inch display. But as with all Apple rumors, whether this is true or not will be known once the next iteration of the device is announced officially.

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1. shamataa

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I don't see why you have to do this if they are already on the page.

2. Bangthering_007

Posts: 36; Member since: Feb 21, 2012

So people could only read the week's highlights. I actually appreciate Phonearena for doing this. Thank you Phonarena & Nick T.

3. theruleslawyer

Posts: 108; Member since: Apr 23, 2012

Its useful for folks that aren't here everyday. I missed some of this stuff.

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