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Stop texting while driving automatically on Android and BlackBerry phones with ZoomSafer

0. phoneArena posted on 05 Jan 2011, 03:30

Laws might try to deter it and scary horror videos might shake up those who do it, but the only way to stop most people from texting and driving is to shut down SMS and email capabilities on the handset while the car is in motion...

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posted on 05 Jan 2011, 05:46

1. ltjustas (Posts: 11; Member since: 10 Dec 2010)

omg, who would need this shit? and for that price...

posted on 05 Jan 2011, 07:10

3. Alex A (unregistered)

OMG, I cannot believe you even said this. Do you know anyone who lost their child because of texting while driveing? I guess not. This is the best thing ever. I would make it mandatory for every teenager to have.

posted on 05 Jan 2011, 06:09

2. parent (unregistered)

ahh...parents of teenagers for one i think.

posted on 05 Jan 2011, 08:21 1

4. ibap (Posts: 780; Member since: 09 Sep 2009)

So will someone explain to me how this thing KNOWS THAT IT IS THE DRIVER'S PHONE? And just in case someone is too dense to figure out that this comment is sarcasm, I'll make it explicit - of course the phone can't tell.

What rot - disable all the phones in the car because people are too stupid to impose this control on themselves? If they are that dumb, let's take away their license - they are a menace in any case.

posted on 05 Jan 2011, 08:25

5. ibap (Posts: 780; Member since: 09 Sep 2009)

And, yes I am the parent of a teenager.

But when we travel as a family - what, I can't change the GPS destination? Or use my phone?

posted on 05 Jan 2011, 10:46 1

6. NexusKoolaid (unregistered)

Aside from not knowing whether the phone holder is a driver or a passenger, I wonder how this might affect apps that rely on SMS messages to operate (like some of the many security apps, for example).

And what's with the subscription nonsense? I couldn't just buy the app - I have to pony up year after year? FOR WHAT?

While texting (and non-hands-free talking) is a problem, in my opinion this product is not the solution.

posted on 05 Jan 2011, 21:00

7. ErikWood (Posts: 4; Member since: 19 Jun 2010)

I agree that this is an epidemic and I just read that for every 6 seconds a driver spends texting, 4.6 of those seconds are with their eyes off the road, which makes texting the most dangerous cell phone activity anyone can engage in while operating a 5,000 pound piece of steel and glass. This activity produces 6,000 highway deaths a year and that number is rising. If technology is going to help, it should get the driver's eyes back on the road where they belong.

I decided to do something about distracted driving after my three year old daughter was nearly run down right in front of me by a texting driver last fall. Instead of an expensive shackle with recurring fees that locks down phones and alienates the user (especially teens), I built a tool called OTTER that is a simple GPS based, texting auto reply app for smartphones. It also silences call ringtones while driving unless you have a bluetooth enabled. Its an easy way to manage that text and drive temptation.

Erik Wood, owner

posted on 05 Jan 2011, 22:55

8. LionStone (Posts: 839; Member since: 10 Dec 2010)

yea, what happened to that built-in device that most of us were born with, called a brain? man, when i'm driving, i play music! and if a call comes in, Bluetooth! If i hear a text notification, I IGNORE IT!! works for me and it's freeeeee....

posted on 01 Jul 2011, 22:39

9. Mega Man (unregistered)


Actually Bluetooth usage(s) while driving is dangerous as well. I am Fira777 from YouTube.com and I promise I will make against dangerous driving videos.

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