Steve Jobs says when it comes to the iPhone in the U.S., 2 carriers could be better than 1

In an interview with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher, Steve Jobs said there might be advantages to having the iPhone on two U.S. carriers...
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31. taco50

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Lol yea iPhone sucks. Why is it that everyone is copying it? What does android have touch screen, webkit web browser, app store. Reality is that the iPhone is a great phone and any carrier would want it because of all the business and high paying customers it will bring. Look at VZW's churn rate every year when the the new iPhone is launched.

35. iHateCrapple

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18. networkdood

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You will not see another carrier in the US have the iphone until 2011 or 2012. So, stop the whining and the speculation and buy an ANDROID OS phone.

21. gmtrenz

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Well guys you need to stop talking to much crap about, who is better and who is bad or what OS is gud and which one is not. What all people have to understand is that steve jobs is all about money and business. He doesn't care if verizon has more customers or better service, all he does care is about how much money is he making from the product he is selling. I love competition is always good for everyone, is just a matter of what product works best for you. Android is great and is gonna keep improving, iphone n iphone os is good, symbian, windows and blackberry have been in the game for years, now we hav samsung coming with their BADA OS. I own an iphone, ipad, ipod touch, ipod classic and a macbook pro, I love all their products and they all work for me. So just let business people do their job, there is a reason why he has billions of dollars and all of us don't :-)

32. Mateo8326

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In my opinion i think everyone is nerves about this new iphone b/c with all these new phone out like evo, droid etc. that iphone is still holding its own. These phone don't offer that much of a difference especially with the UI, the iphone is still the easiest and user friendly.
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