Sprint's restocking fee set to $35

Sprint's restocking fee set to $35
In an attempt to prevent customers from possibly abusing their company return or exchange policy, Sprint is introducing a new $35 restocking fee. All wireless carriers have some sort of “trial” period that new customers are typically presented with to get acquainted with the service and device. But it looks like Sprint is trying to clamp down on possible misuse by charging a $35 restocking, up from the previous $25, if new customers decide to exchange an activated phone for an alternate color or a totally different model. Reading a Sprint employee’s post indicates that the increase is due to people returning equipment with missing accessories. Some employees have ignored the $25 restocking fee this far, but now it looks like the $35 fee policy will be adamantly followed.

source: buzzaboutwireless via PhoneNews



1. jskrenes

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I don't know about web orders, but here in my (Indirect Verizon) store, we check our return boxes before we process a return, and either refuse or charge a restocking fee for missing chargers, bar codes, etc. It probably isn't a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but it sounds like another nail in the coffin for Sprint's reputation of poor customer support.

2. Dood

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3. phone333

Posts: 331; Member since: Feb 04, 2009

-I get you point jskrenes on the idea of "another nail in the coffin". The fact that they've had poor customer service in the past and lost lots of customers doesn't mean they should just give everything away as part of the recovery process. Actually Sprint is pretty confident that the company, as a whole, is doing a pretty job these days (JD POWER and the stocks speaks for themselves). Plus the restocking fee thing has a lot to do with these phone manufacturers kinda struggling right now, so they're charging wireless providers more for returned devices. Sprint might be the first, but it's a matter of time until all the carriers get on the same boat.

4. BigRed83

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Unfortunately, Sprint is not the first to do this. VZW also charges the same $35 fee for restocking for the same reason the other carriers are (or will be) doing it, which is the reason stated in the previous post.

5. wifidude

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Last time I returned a Mogul (because it was laggy, slow, lame, locked up a lot ) they examined the phone under microscope. THey open the box and spread everything on it and ran a checklist. They turned the phone on and off and on again. Checked the bluetooth and wifi were working. I felt like in the airport. I don't mind that process because I was not charged any restocking fee. What I don't understand is, would someone be charged that even if everything required is there on the box?

6. trentsinmypants

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yup, the restocking fee is charged is you exchange your phone for a different color or a completely different device. If you bring it in and it clearly has issues via software or hardware, thats a different story. You can exchange your unit for the same unit (and color) with no restocking fee. If you bring in a defective unit and you want to exchange it for a different unit, its up to the stores manager if they charge you that fee. Reason being behind this is you have the option to exchange your defective unit for the same unit with no fee. Its a bit of a grey area if you ask me since I understand where the company is coming from but also as a consumer, I would rather get a different device if my current has some major bugs in it.

7. miikeyroks

Posts: 26; Member since: Feb 07, 2009

I work with the guy who posted that haha

8. insider80

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sprint has always had this policy they just changed the price from $25 to $35 due to the higher costs of returning phones to the manufacturer. another nail in the coffin if you havent noticed sprint is doing better than they ever have before and its only getting better!

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