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Sprint to sell phones with AMOLED displays by Samsung

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Sprint to sell phones with AMOLED displays by Samsung
What's not to love about AMOLED displays, except they are hard to find on phones sold in the US. Sprint is hoping to change that as the carrier announced today they are planing on introducing Samsung phones with that technology. David Owens, Sprint's director of customer acquisition, says that because costs are high to produce the display, they plan to introduce the technology in its phone line-up starting with more expensive phones that are suited for viewing media such as video. This should be available by next year. Casey Ryan, a product manager for Samsung, confirmed that his company would sell a phone with an AMOLED to Sprint. Even though there isn't a phone model named in particular, we can make an educated guess it will either be a Smartphone, similar to the Omnia 2 or Jet, or a full-featured dumbphone like the Impression for AT&T.

source: Reuters

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