Sprint to offer $60 unlimited plan?

Sprint to offer $60 unlimited plan?
Yesterday Reuters said that, according to analysts, after the rest of the top US carriers recently offered $99 unlimited plans, Sprint Nextel might come up with a lower priced unlimited voice calling plan, in order to keep its customers and to attract new ones. If the company offers unlimited calling plans with prices up to 40% lower, compared to AT&T’s, Verizon’s and T-Mobile’s similar solutions, these wireless providers may be forced to also cut their prices in fear of losing customers.

source: Reuters



1. rshack indian unregistered

this sounds like a very good move on the part of sprint. they might consider, maybe the $60 plan for smartphones with a unlimited data and messaging plan; and $100 for other phones. thats just my toughts.

2. FerneyZan unregistered

This is exactly what I was waiting for.. THE PRICE WARS.. Now I can seriously make my mind, but instead of jumping ship right away, maybe i would wait a couple of months and see where things go.. Sprint already had unlimited plans, but now with this prices dropping, they only look better..

3. Trinah unregistered

So does this mean that this calling plan will still be for the areas first stated or wil this be for everyone?

4. Greatheart unregistered

It should be for eveyone ... since they want everyones money!

5. sinfulta unregistered

At this point I'm not sure what's going on with sprint. In my market area, they have had the $120 Unlimited with data service for awhile and it's doing nothing to help them. I wonder what the heck is going on over at Sprint sometimes. They had awesome plans, but they are running that company into the ground seems like. I don't think verizon/att will change there plans. Even charging more they know ATT/Verizon are the only two real players on the block if you want a cell phone that works and is reliable when you need it. I only see Tmobile jumping on the sprint pricing bandwagon since they are more direct competitors.

6. ray unregistered

It's about time sprint!!! How could you not love that price. I would leave vzw in a heart beat for deal.

7. The Source unregistered

Sprint will offically launch several unlimited plans (Family, Business, etc.) today. Stay posted

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