Sprint to offer 4G modem by the end of 2008

Sprint to offer 4G modem by the end of 2008
Sprint has decided to launch its WiMAX side of things by renaming it Spring 4G from the year old name of Xohm.

The company is also expected to launch the first dual-mode WiMAX modem by the end of this year in Baltimore. With Sprint Nextel owning a 51% of the venture with Clearwire, the former will be launching WiMAX services with the later under a new MVNO agreement.

Along with this, Sprint Nextel's future 4G line up will include handsets and modems that will be able to switch between CDMA and WiMAX; a network that Clearwire is currently constructing all over the U.S.

source: RCR Wireless



1. T-Money3000 unregistered

Good luck Sprint!

2. unregistered

I thought that Clearwire was going to brand the wimax network "Clear"... did they decide to change that?

20. PhoneUser unregistered

No they didn't change that clearwire will market thier own 4G network calling it "CLEAR" and Sprint will market it as "Sprint 4G."

3. unregistered

LOL!!!! Verizon and Att customers will be drooling, glad im a Sprint customer...

4. unregistered

Cmon, u gotta be kidding me! That's no reason for the big red to loose any sleep!

5. unregistered

Don't get me wrong this makes me glad to see sprint prospering but lets see what happens when carriers start turning out LTE technology, that's when things get interesting.

6. unregistered

mmm wimax! give me the htc wimax phone from russia on sprint!

21. PhoneUser unregistered

I agree i wish they would bring out that phone to the U.S. it look great.

7. unregistered

Yep, there is a lot of reason for verBLOWzon and AT&T to be worry. Let's hope everything work out the way they expecting it to be. Then u going to see lots of shifting overnights. Good luck, SPRINT!

11. unregistered

Verblozen? C'mon, you can do better than that! Just believe in yourself!

31. unregistered

how will they launch this after they lay off all their employees and lose most of their existing base?

33. PhoneUser unregistered

#32 Please be more reasonable with your comments if Sprint laid off ALL their employee's they would not be in business right???

8. vzw fanman unregistered

id rather have good voice coverage than 4g coverage. they should have put all their time and effort in catching up to at&t and verizon's coverage :-?

9. unregistered

Another ignorant comment from a VZW fanboy. Though I'm a VZW user, I use to have Sprint before I switched back over to Verizon for the Omnia. Sprint's coverage is about equal to Verizon, with VZW better in some places and visa versa. AT&T has the worst coverage of the three. The only thing Sprint needs to improve on is customer service (and so does AT&T, but they're saved by the iPhone).

10. unregistered

The only ignorant comment on this thread has been yours. He made a legitimate point.

13. unregistered

sprints problems have nothing to do with coverage or pricing of service or even device. its one simple thing that they continued to drop the ball on which is customer service. u can save almost 40% difference on certain sprint plans compared to vzw, yet they continue to loose customers when the economy is so bad. it comes down to the fact that they out source thier cust service to india and people hate talking to non english speaking cs agents about thier bill. it amazes me that for vzw 1400 shared select with black berry email and web service 2 lines would pay 119.99 plus 29.99 x2. for sprint its 1500 min for 129.99 50 dollar difference. why else would anyone leave sprint when coverage is comparable and so much cheaper. it poor cust service.

14. unregistered

#10 r u saying that sprint coverage isnt comparable. i think their drop call rate is a little of 4%. vzw is under 2% over ther corse of 1000 calls it isnt that big of difference when u can save up to 40% for more features with sprint. #9 was right sprints issues is only cust service. people hate speaking to non english speaking people when thier bill is jacked up.

15. unregistered

ummm, no. Sprint's coverage is not a problem area at all.

16. vzw fanman unregistered

hmm really? then why when i drove from upstate Ny to tampa, fl, i have verizon and my buddy has sprint, and he had no service or only a few bars a lot more of the time than verizon.

17. unregistered

its the same thing for verizon my buddy has verizon and we were at the state fair and he had ZERO bars while i have sprint and gad perfect bars, they are each different but in general to say that they are way different is bogus, they are almost identical. and Sprint is the most aggressive out of all the carriers when it comes to someone who wants to use everything on their phone for a cheaper price. look at their unlimited plans $99 unlimited EVERYTHING, not just voice like big red and att, along with and already amazing fast internet now even faster when this is launched. And i agree sprints customer service is their downfall same with the billing ince they figure out how to not get their customers pissed off each month then they will become a powerhouse. i have had sprint for 2 years now and dropped calls only during one time when i had my treo 650 since i got rid of it i have yet to drop a call. It depends on the phone if you have bad service or not if your friend had an old sprint and you had a new verizon well of course he is not going to have great service thats why you get a new phone, better features and better service.

18. unregistered

I agree that Verizon and sprint are the only good coverage wireless providers. although i find sprints data coverage for aircards better and faster. AT&t is horrible on coverage and you gotta love the hiss in the background.

22. PhoneUser unregistered

I agree with some people here bout Sprint and Verizon being almost the same coverage. The only places i have seen that Verizon wins over Sprint is in the rural areas but its not a big win its just enough to show that verizon has more coverage. But if you read what i said at the bottom not all carriers are going to be the best at everything. Where i am right now i get full bar on my sprint phone and my friends At&t phone barely gets 2-3 bars. I'm not going to brag about it cause there are places where he has more bars than i do... its just the way it is... not perfect for all the companies.

23. vzw fanman unregistered

dudes im not talking about one area, im talking about the whole east coast, verizon had better coverage on average. through cities and hicktowns.

29. unregistered

Exactly. They must be on the other side of the country.

34. PhoneUser unregistered

This is what im talking about... people with no real concrete evidence. #24 and 30 if Sprint really had NO service on the east coast they would not have any customers in the east coast. If you guys or girls are going to be talking bout Sprint PLEASE be somewhat real bout your comments and stop posting stupid things like saying Sprint has NO service in the east coast....THINK before you post...please...

35. vzw fanman unregistered

hahaha lol. dude, i never said sprint always has no service on the east coast. this is what i said "and he had no service or only a few bars a lot more of the time than verizon." of course verizon had places of no service or few bars but what im saying is sprint had limited service a lot more than verizon.

36. unregistered

dude u have no life

12. ATTemployee unregistered

4g huh sprint we'll see...lol it been overseas from quite some time right, we'll see how this plays offs.

19. PhoneUser unregistered

Yeah it has been over seas just recently thats why Dan Hesse grabbed Wimax in stead of LTE. He wants sprint to have the first 4G service in the U.S.. Everyone here wants Sprint to fall flat on thier ass and i wonder why??? If you hate sprint so much, that you have to be on here putting sprint down every single time phonearena comes out with news of sprint, just says 1 thing bout you. WHY CAN'T PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THAT VERIZON, SPRINT, AT&T. AND TMOBILE ARE GOING TO HAVE BAD AREAS??? No one carrier is perfect... just because YOU have great service in one place doesn't mean EVERYONE is going to have great service. I love reading from phonearena but i'm starting to get sick and tired of people always bring down Sprint or verizon or At&t. This website is to inform other of new phones or services that carrier come out with, NOT to have a B**ch fight over whos carrier is best. Yes LTE might be better than Wimax but guess what??? NO ONE KNOWS FOR SURE cause LTE isn't up and running and it wont be till 5 years from now.... i think thats what i read on here a few weeks ago. And i know that after this posting Someone will start talking thier crap cause they want to be funny or like i said has no life and enjoys putting people down.

24. unregistered

I think vzw will have LTE by the end of next year but Wi Max should be up and running in way more places around that time

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