Sprint slashes prices on Centro, Rumor, others...

Sprint slashes prices on Centro, Rumor, others...
It looks like Sprint has embraced Cyber Monday, and luckily for us is extending the deals.  The LG Rumor- formerly $49.99 after rebate and dropped to $29.99 for "three days only" this weekend- is now free instantly for new lines and qualifying upgrades online.  Other web specials include the Samsung m300, Sanyo S1 and Motorola i335 with no money down, as well as the Sierra Compass 597 aircard.  Everybody's favorite starter smartphone, the Palm Centro, is also on closeout and free after a $100 rebate.  This is only for the original Centro, not the recently released refresh.  Pricing is always subject to change, so get 'em while the gettin's good!

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1. unregistered

sprint needs to up grade to some better phones inthe years to come if they want to keep there customers happy phones like n95 or n96 samsung phones wwhat going on at sprint

2. unregistered

so youre saying they should switch to gsm? they have the far superior cdma lineup of the two major carriers. you might be able to make a case for alltel with the muse and gleam, but their lineup overlaps sprint in many areas and sprint gets phones out the door first. the phones theyre talking about in this article are all at least a year old, which is why theyre being closed out!

3. John G unregistered

I worked for Sprint Nextel up until 5pm on November 21st and I hate to admit it, but Verizon Wireless stomps Sprint into the ground when it comes to the variety of handsets sold in their various sales channels. Don't worry people, I won't be suprised if Danny B doesn't join me along with Mark A, Tim K and Paul S on the Verizon Wireless yacht.

4. unregistered

look people, verizons phones might LOOK nicer but when it comes down to it Sprint has the best phones and offers the most features... Verizon considers their customers as stupid non learning people, because if u think about it they dont like to change the software on all there phones, they said they don't want to confuse people!!

5. Sprintdude unregistered

N96 and N95 are both GSM devices, do your research! those devices wont never come to sprint, and verizon phones arent better if you ask me they are just plain even though they are better looking.

6. unregistered


7. unregistered

every topic around here always goes to vzw. lol. verizon phones are horrible! look at the whole samsung line up for the past 2 years. Horrible software, horible reception, horrible build quality. Lg's at least get reception, but lack on looks. They get their smart phones way way later then everyone else. Lock down all features on phones. So why are their phones better???

8. unregistered

They're not... haha! VZW Phones suck so incredibly bad!

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