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Sprint says bye bye to certain push-to-talk handset

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Sprint says bye bye to certain push-to-talk handset
Sprint may have thought of jettisoning Nextel at one point, but it looks like the iDEN network’s performance has improved dramatically. During those dark days when the iDEN network almost seemingly looked to fall victim to a quick demise after Sprint acquired Nextel in 2005, the third largest wireless carrier introduced QChat last year as a possible replacement for the push-to-talk service. Now after some healthy reports about Nextel and Boost Mobile, which both rely heavily on the iDEN network, Sprint has pulled the plugs on future handsets that feature QChat. Scott Sloat, a spokesman for Sprint, has stated that they will continue to support customers who have phones with that technology. So it seems like it was a good thing to keep the iDEN network around – you can’t complain about how many people rely on the push-to-talk service.

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