Sprint says Android 2.1 plans going "Very Well"

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Sprint says Android 2.1 plans going
Just in case you are a Sprint customer using the Samsung Moment or the HTC Hero and was wondering about the promised Android 2.1 OS upgrade, a Sprint employee posted the latest news on the official message board. He wrote that the upgrade is being tested and that everything is going well. While Sprint still expects to make 2.1 available in the first half of the year, if things continue to go so smoothly, the carrier will have the upgrade ready well within that time period. The employee, who uses the handle "tooner", writes that he just wanted to keep Sprint customers up to date. So now, you Moment and Hero owners can sit back and enjoy the upcoming weekend, safe and secure in the knowledge that  movable wallpaper will soon be on your handset.

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source: SprintCommunity via AndroidGuys



1. scottmbolt unregistered

Is that last line supposed to be a sarcastic shot at Android phone users? I mean I know this is i-PhoneArena.com and everything, but come on lets not be so obvious about it...

2. ToddD00

Posts: 38; Member since: Mar 30, 2009

No. They're just saying now they can do what the nexus one can do. Those phones still have long way to go before they are as good at doing things the way the iPhone handles them. :)

3. SamTime

Posts: 253; Member since: Nov 07, 2009

Really? I didn't know the iPhone had animated wallpaper. Or free turn-by-turn voice navigation. Or Google Voice integration. Or widget support/background running apps. Or a non-intrusive notification system. My iPhone really isn't lame? Really???

4. android#1

Posts: 74; Member since: Jan 12, 2010

Thank you for educating this person in denial. Haha iPhone doesnt even have wallpapers or the capabilities of organizing things with folders either. Just icons laying around everywhere. Very old news.

5. cmdipstick

Posts: 2; Member since: Jan 29, 2010

That's great. But what about HTC Droid Eris users for Verizon? I'm patiently waiting...

6. rwolf1984

Posts: 536; Member since: Jun 06, 2009

With the way Sprint handled all the Pre updates. . .lol. . .All these phones will be fancy paper weights, lol. So when you're skiing in the mountains Sprint will get service. Yeah 4G right? hahaha.

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