Sprint refreshes the Katana Eclipse, adds an X

Sprint refreshes the Katana Eclipse, adds an X
Sanyo's Katana Eclipse didn't exactly wow us when we recently reviewed it, but their One Click interface did so the new Eclipse X, featuring the new UI, is definitely an upgrade from the original.  Unfortunately there is nothing else new to report, it still features the same underwhelming feature set and high price point.  It is now offered in Nightlife Black and Hypnotic Pink; the black definitely looks much better than the original silver and pink is always a popular option.  The Eclipse X is available now from Sprint for the same $99 as the original.

Sanyo Katana Eclipse X Specifications | Review
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1. vzw fanboy unregistered

those are cool looking phones for sprint...i have a question why does sprint and at&t seem to sponsor more things than vzw, like on tv shows. on desperate housewives last night, she was holding a phone that said sprint.

2. eli unregistered

because verizon is a lot more popular and doesn't need the advertising. Sprint paid them to use their phones in the tv show to attempt to boost sales.

8. unregistered

So, using your bizarre way of thinking, then Toyota or Honda shouldn't advertise? Because a company has higher sales than other companies they don't need to advertise? How do you thing VZW got to where they are? Just word of mouth? No, of course that helps, but companies like VZW or AT&T or Sprint/Nextel do not only rely on any one form of advertising. That is one of the most retarded things I've seen posted here, and there has been some really retarded things posted here. Well done Sir, You're a idiot of the highest degree. Now having said that, even as a 3rd Party Tech for Sprint, I'm getting tired of the ridiculous product placement on Sprints efforts. I can't watch Heroes without having 17 advertisements for Sprint being shoved into my brain. Just about every character on that show uses a Sprint phone (even though the brief shots they show of the phones, you can tell the phones aren't even on the right screen to be on a call/text messaging whatever).

9. unregistered

whats even funnier is when the characters use a sprint phone in areas where there is no way they could work Like on heros last season where the girl used her sprint razr2 in ireland, or where horn rimmed glasses used his basic sprint phone in the ukraine. yay phones that work only in the us being shown working abroad!

3. ;P unregistered

Verizon doesnt need advertising hahahaha thats funny I see that gay commercial "CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW" GOOD! all the time and they dont need advertising that is so not true the commercial is GAY and so is that GUY

5. unregistered

sponsorship!!! he's talking about sponsoring shows. come on keep get off the short bus and hop on with the big kids.

7. vzw fanboy unregistered

verizon commercials are not gay most are funny and entertaining. but i dont like gayt&t's commercials much, they dont make sense to me.

4. unregistered

Sprint has been coming out with some nice phones this one is cool for my son it doesnt look like its going to be priced that much maybe I will get it for him knowing that he is only 14 he probably might lose it anyways lol

6. vzw fanboy unregistered

lol just make sure you have insurance, its always a plus dude

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