Sprint preparing the Palm Treo Pro?

Sprint preparing the Palm Treo Pro?
There is nothing more exciting than accidentally browsing on a cellular phone carrier's website, finding a secret tidbit of information, and sharing it with others! Though there is no page dedicated to it, the Palm Treo Pro may be coming to Sprint soon, according to a screen shot. When browsing the mobile phone software store, the drop-down menu shows the highly anticipated device creatively sandwiched in between the Treo 800w and the BlackBerry 7100i. The differences between the Pro and the 800w are minor; both have Wi-Fi, GPS, and a vivid 320x320 screen, however the Pro is slightly slimmer, prettier and has a higher capacity battery.

Sprint Treo enthusiasts, rejoice! The device may be headed your way before you know it.

Palm Treo Pro Specifications | Review (GSM version)

source: Gizmodo



1. unregistered

why does sprint get the best stuff out there, while others just wait?!

11. unregistered

that's true, especially with verizon, they don't bring the new cool stuff, tends to be on the same taste area

2. Current TreoPRO hater unregistered

Current TREO PRO SUCKS! For thankful its not there YET! Going to toss mine and get something better for the money!

3. unregistered

the treo pro looks cool & the apps r tight! u gonna toss ur?! palm started the smartphone! their the O.G!

4. unregistered

Sprint is stupid. Why bother with both the 800w and the Treo Pro? Oh yeah, their CEO has the intelligence of a rat.

5. unregistered

y bother?! sprint has the better deals, best packages, & a lot of the phones come thru sprint 1st.

6. kmplx unregistered

I have sprint it works good where i live so i have to agree to disagree, but I do agree that their CEO does have the intelligence of a rat.

7. unregistered

i would disagree when he udercut the compition on plan priceing and has released some of the most feature rich phones on the market

8. unregistered

Yup, that's why Dan is making ton's on money and your in a fourm board making fun of him... Very Rat like...

17. unregistered

just ignore him. A vzw fan boy pissed he's being nickle and dimed to death and is still in denial that vzw suck.

9. unregistered

Oh for the love of God! Why, oh why am I still married to VZW?!?! I'm stuck with the damned XV6800 (on my 5th one), because they won't release a damned Treo!!!! Now Sprint has TWO of them?!?! ACCCCKKKK!!!!

10. vzdubya unregistered

OFF TOPIC BUT, OS 4.5 is released for verizon and is available for DL on there homepage.

12. unregistered

intelegence of a Rat? DO you know who Dan Hesse is and what hes done for the Wireless industries? I think you should do some homework before you make a statement, The CEO most likely isnt sitting in an office saying we should get this phone and that phone, they have a team of associates that do that, in association with the Manufacturer.

13. unregistered

I've never understood why such nice phones go to such a horrible provider. It doesn't allow for a good review about the phone when some of the issues such as call quality or such are going to be based on which provider they are with, and being with a junky provider such as Sprint one would never know if the quality of the call would be better with Verizon.

18. unregistered

I have used both and have no difference in call quality...that is why I like CDMA!

21. Celz unregistered

Maybe you should start a consulting firm because J.D. Power and Assoc. Rated Sprint as the #2 wireless provider and tied for 1st in many areas (including mine), and according to your post they are misinformed. And from your post I can tell you have a vast amount of experience and knowledge of the Wireless Industry.

14. jrcrow unregistered

lol!...Treo Pro..nothing compared to my Samsung Rant..umm hello! e

15. jrcrow unregistered

Sprint is the ONLY company up here in the mountains n hills to get signal so to say its a horrible provider is relative

19. unregistered

The ones that say they are horrible have either never used the sevice or did so back in 1996 or they are VZW fanboys and have nothing better to do with their lives.

16. unregistered

What amazes me is how people are still sticking to those old lies of Sprint having bad service, not saying they have the best because noone can claim that, people commenting about stuff they don't use adds an air of ignorance to them. Just my opinion

20. unregistered

I know...I work for the largest cellphone dispributer in the world and all our sales reps and Execs use Sprint phones and Sprint aircards becasue they work! We ship for just about every carrier under the sun but go with Sprint as our service provider.

22. unregistered

sprint does say they are the #1 business carrier

24. unregistered

Old lies? the most current JD powers lists them as dead least with customer satisfaction. JD Powers is a very sober source and its findings are considered to very serious. #25, Sprint does not claim t be the number one business carrier. According to all the industry press they are number three of three, well behind ATT and Verizon in both business and total l customers. Sprint got by default a large number of business customer when they took over Nextel, but the thing to consider is that they promptly lost them! In fact according to their own 3Q 2008 results announced yesterday thy had another quarter of huge loses, and once again the loses are in the post paid and high APRU customers. This means business customers and high paying customers! They are also the only one of the big three to be losing net customers. Sprint is the K-Martof the manor carriers. I don't hate them, I use Sprint but do so because they are cheap. Sprint is alive and competitive because of their low price, it makes up for their service deficiencies. I hope they get the Palm Pro. The current Sprint Palm 800w is last year's junk in comparison

23. unregistered

did any of you really look at that list? did sprint ever have the treo 700w? or the Q9? no this is clearly a generic list cause there are definitely phone on here that sprint never carried

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