Sprint now offers BlackBerry Curve

Sprint now offers BlackBerry Curve
Initially, Sprint was expected to be the first carrier in the U.S. to offer the CDMA variant of the BlackBerry Curve, the 8330. However, things have been delayed over and over again and it is just now that the phone is available for purchase, after both Alltel and Verizon Wireless have released their ones. As expected, the device is absolutely identical, and Sprint offers it for $180 (after rebates and a contract), which is slightly more than Verizon’s offering.

RIM BlackBerry Curve Specifications

source: Sprint



1. JoeyStyles unregistered

Thats great and all but the phone is not avaiable in any store in Columbus Ohio because it wasnt shipped. How do you release a phone, offer it online, don't put any details on the web site about this being a web only promotion and still expect for me to wait until Monday because you won't give me free Saturday shipping for your false ads. Well good bye Sprint I walked right into a Verizon Store and picked mine up with no problem. My bill might be higher but all of the companys offer pretty much the same thing, we pay for customer service and Sprints sucks so hurry up T-Mobile and buy there sorry asses so !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. patfireben unregistered

I am glad you went to VZW to get your Curve. Sprint absolutely sucks! Good for you guys to have good Sprint coverage in Columbus but guess what.......Sprint sucks everywhere else. Verizon Wireless is by far the best network out there. I use to have Nextel back when it was actually good. But ever since Sprint bought them....they have gone nothing but downhill. Now Sprint is trying to sell Nextel. IMAGINE THAT! I find it funny that Sprint is going to be bought now. I hope T-Mobile completely wipes the name Sprint off the face of the Earth! Verizon Wireless is the best network out there hands down!

2. DamonO unregistered

JoeyStyles, What false ads are you speaking of? Why would they say this is a web only promotion when I can order it directly from Sprint through my Sprint Exclusive company right now? Did they say that they would provide Saturday shipping? Do you know how much overnight Saturday shipping costs? What's wrong with Sprint's Customer Service?

16. JoeyStyles unregistered

Okay Damon here is the false information of sprint, they released the phone and said it was avaiable in stores and it wasn't so you have to pay extra for shipping because they did not clerify that on there web site and also there customer service rep wasn't even able to order me tne phone I got transfered 3 times to order the phone, and I requested saturday shipping and they processed the order for overnight which means I would have to wait to monday so I got tired and went to Verizon and when the sprint on comes by fedex I will refuse it

3. unregistered

my favorite disgruntled customers are the ones who make up facts (such as false advertising claims) to justify their dissatisfaction. have fun with your uglier curve all while paying more and getting less on a smaller, more restrictive data network. all because you couldnt wait three days. p.s. i have both and sprints network is better than vzw in columbus

18. JoeyStyles unregistered

I agree about the network in Columbus but me waiting for the CDMA Sprint Verison so long I go to the store on Friday when it was said it would be avaiable on friday in store and its not, and the will charge me shipping to get the phone, when I could get the Verizon one at the same price that was my breaking point

4. DeeMan unregistered

Uglier Curve? Are you kidding me? Did you not read the column? The phones are identical. And since it's a matter of reliability, this is a no-brainer... I will be choosing the Curve on VZW. Good luck on Sprint's network ... even if the Curve were Rev A right now ( which it is not ), Rev. A will only work on Sprint's PCS coverage. Unfortunately, that is only about 20% of their network ... the rest is Extended Network roaming; and you won't get Rev. A speeds on that. Hell, Sprint is currently in a legal matter with VZW for not paying their "bill" for using some of Verizon's towers. More restrictive data network? I don't think so. But even if it were, I would still choose VZW because you really have to wonder why RIM took their sweet time releasing this device with Sprint. They were supposed to be the first CDMA carrier here in the U.S. Now they have to get "sloppy seconds" ( or thirds ).

5. unregistered

I also live in columbus and the sprint service is great here. I have at least three bars pretty much anywhere i go, and there stores are actually pretty good out here. Verizon on the other hand has troubles. Bad choice by switching, should have stuck with the sexier sprint curve

6. unregistered

by "sweet time" do you mean two after verizon? sprint never set a release date for it, it was all just speculation. and, despite what the article says, they are not even close to identical. sprints curve is a dark charcoal with a complimentary dark keypad, not the 1996 bright silver with a contrasting keypad. the gps is also not locked on the sprint version, though sprint navigation is included in the data package unlike with vzw. sprint tv is also included, a feature vzw doesnt even offer. they are hardly identical. as for your network claims, the curve is not nor will it be rev a capable. sprint has a larger native evdo network than vzw, which is why they do not allow vzw to evdo roam on them. sprint also allows true unlimited data, not "unlimited unless youre using too much" and sprint even encourages streaming content, which is against verizons terms of service. as i said, i use both carriers and sprint is far superior in terms of fairness and openness.

10. unregistered

actually verizon was teh evry first network to offer television...its called mobile tv. also vzw was the first network to offer unlimited calling. face it vzw leads and sprint follows

13. unregistered

Actually, I worked for VZW when they released their TV and I can assure you that Sprint TV had been around for over a year already and Sprint had over-the-air music downloads almost a year before VZW. Also VZW TV is called "Mobi TV" and they started with 8 channels where as currently Sprint has approximately 30 different channels for their TV service. You might want to have your facts straight before trying to shoot someone else down. And then we can talk about WIMAX, a service that Sprint plans to have rolled out by the end of the year. What does VZW have? Oh yeah, they decided to redo their entire network for a GSM based 4G system that won't be available until 2011. Meanwhile back on the "followers" side, Google, Intel, Time Warner and Cox Communications have already bought stake in WIMAX. Intel has backed WIMAX by including WIMAX chips in EVERY Intel Centrino 2 based laptop after the WIMAX release and Googleis providing all of their premier services to WIMAX users. So to say that VZW is the leader in all things is ludicrous at best. Oh and you're claim about first with unlimited calling? Why do you think Sprint waited for VZW and AT&T to tip their hands first? It's obvious that by being the "first" to announce something you are most likely to be the first to get beat. And while you talk about VZW being the leader in things, why don't you ask VZW about all the disgruntled customers they had because they screwed them with their "unlimited-in" texting plans. I can't tell you how many customers cancelled with VZW because they only allowed unlimited text to other VZW customers while EVERY OTHER CARRIER offered unlimited text to everyone. Your argument is not only arrogant and fanboyish, but stupid. I would say you own an I-phone, but obviously you are on the wrong network.

14. DeeMan unregistered

First, to comment #6 --- when I said they were identical, I was talking abou its form factor ... NOT color. As for the GPS, you are misled again... VZ Navigator works on the Curve. As for their EV-DO network, don't even get me started. You really need to check the "roaming" a little more carefully. Sprints currently owes VZW over $350,000 for data and voice service roaming and the matter is currently in court. Verizon allows 5 GBs of transfer on their data services but they DO allow video streaming, music downloads, etc. Check your facts ... you are simply charged $0.49 per MB over 5 GB, but really, how much data transfer can do with a PDA that will eclipse 5 GBs? .. Unless you are tethering. Read the VZW terms of service before you make comments about it. It clearly allows all the data streaming you want.... even if you have to pay more. VZW has EV-DO in over 350 major markets? Sprint? Almost 200. As for comment #13 ----- Sprint TV is something I honestly wouldn't brag and they even had to shut it down for a little while do hackers who made it work on non-Sprint devices ( even Verizon devices ). Sprint's over the air Music Store is buggy at best and they even make oddball decision to not have any 3G services on some of the cooler devices ( i.e., the LG Rumor ). Let's talk about WIMAX now. Verizon actually made the decision to forego WIMAX simply because LTE will be like the Bionic Man ... Better, Faster, Stronger... and yes, I will be compatible with the CDMA format as well as ( ta daaa ) .. WIMAX !!!! Nobody trusts Sprints network decisions anymore since the whole Nextel iDen nightmare. I don't care how long it takes to implement LTE as long as it's done RIGHT. And since most of Europe is adopting the same technology, one has to wonder ........ You talk about Intel and Google being major supporters of WIMAX but who cares? Qualcomm, who's QChat technology was the hub of Sprint/Nextel push-to-talk, has to decided to implement the same technology into Verizon's BrewChat and perfect their Push to Talk capabilities... and Sprint is in a tizzy about it. The only reason Google is playing along really doesn't benefit Sprint , it benefits Google. When Verizon won the 700 mhz spectrum in the airwave auction a little while, it let Google prepare some rules for Verizon's upcoming "Open Access" platform. Oh, by the way, is Sprint doing that? Don't even talk about Unlimited Calling. Sprint was only the first to ANNOUNCE it, not RELEASE it. Verizon AND AT&T beat them to the punch .... and to make matters worse, they had the audacity to release it select markets only. Who's decision was THAT? As for Verizon screwing people on text plans, gimme a break. It's unlimited IN with "x" amount to other networks. Any idiot can see and understand that, and if you can't, you don't need a cell phone. To sum it up I want to say that I used to have Sprint long ago..when they were actually good. But here are the facts: 80% of the network is roaming...they lost over 700,000 customers in Q4 last year. In the same quarter, their worth lost $29.6 billion. They have the highest churn in the industry (even more than T-Mobile ? ). The closed over 150 locations , including resellers. With that said, it's no wonder they are releasing all these wonderful "services" and prices. The ship is sinking and sinking FAST.

21. VZWREP unregistered

ummm we offer whats called a select plan and that gives teh customer unlimited txt to anyone on any network. also verizon was the very very first network to offer unlimited calling, followed by att THEN sprint. you can say well sprint offers this and that but why did sprint lose over 700,000 customers in Q4. and on top of that their unlimited plan is only available in select markets hahaha. what a joke. sooo if i were a sprint customer you're gonna sit here and tell me that someone from New York can have unlimited calliing and i cant, just because he happens to live in another state? wow. i can understand services like Broadband access and mobile tv...but plans seriously? anyway sprint owes verizon money for roaming on our towers, and guess what they havent payed us yet...which is was they're being taken to court. over 80% of sprints network is roaming. and i highly doubt you worked for verizon because a select plan is somethnig we've offered for a while. you know what else is funny....Verizon is ranked number 1 in customer satisfaction. check the consumer reports.

23. unregistered

well, its good to see that the writers at least admit theyre heavily biased... it would do you well to actually read what youre responding to before spouting off. no one said the vzw curve couldnt do gps.

25. unregistered

Actually, my only response was not which network was better than the other, it was a response to a completely biased assumption that VZW is the "first" at everything, which it is not. As far as the select plan, I never said VZW doesn't have unl txt now, I stated that for the longest time they had a "unlimited" txt plan and most normal average consumers who are buying txt for their kids do not pay attention to if it is unlimited "in", all they see is unlimited. It was due to upset customers that the select plan was created. As for your assumption that I did not work for VZW, the select plan was actually released around Feb or Mar of last year. I left VZW in April of last year. Once again my comments at the top was not a debate on who's network is better, just simply stating that VZW has not been first at everything. Oh, and about Sprint TV not being something to brag about, I was never bragging about it, just stated the fact that Sprint was the first to release TV on phones, not VZW. Personally I can't stand to watch TV on either one, I know people with Sprint and VZW and both services are not exactly astounding. The day we went to training for VCast TV the trainer couldn't get the service to work and we were in the Verizon building with Apmlifiers to increase the signal. But don't get me wrong, as I said, in my opinion neither service is worth what it costs to have it.

8. DForce1 unregistered

typical that your comparing one city in the us, and claiming that sprint is a mythical wireless god... get real check out the reliability, network coverage and customer service nationwide, suddenly you see the true colors shining through-BOTTOM FEEDERS!!!!! in major cities nation wide vzw is faster, the data coverage is far wider- even in roaming areas ! by the way the data packages on the blackberry's do not have restrictions either, and cost is going to be more because you get what you pay for!!!!!!!! better coverage, better service, better products and better customer service check consumer reports... VZW HANDS DOWN

9. DForce1 unregistered

how can you back a company that actually lost a customer base in the 4th quarter last year, even with the new lines they aquired they couldnt add more then were leaving the company, offering an unlimited everything plan for $99 is a last ditch effort to salvage their already huge losses, and unfortunately they will end up going more in debt because of lose of monthly profit because they cant charge any more for bad service than $99/mo...oh by the way VZW has consistently been the most profitable wireless company for a long time and people understand that the value of what they get for the money they pay is worth it and they continue to add more than a million new customers each quarter

11. unregistered

I don't understand by everyone is bashing Sprint or Verizon or any other cellphone company. I can remember when cellphones really weren't all that important, that the average house phone was all we really relied on and maybe a pager. Now society has made the cellphone the most important luxury item that we just have to have which in returns causes competition between all the carriers to see who is better than the other. We lost our appreciation of the fact that we have these cellphones that we can use to communicate with loved ones, business purposes or friends, etc. We should be grateful for that not bashing and saying well Verizon is better than Sprint because of this or Sprint is better than Verizon because of that...It always an issue between Verizon and Sprint that all of these people complain about. Here's something to complain about, COMPLAIN ABOUT THE ECONOMY AND WHAT THE HELL WE'RE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT, FOR OUR FUTURE AND OUR KIDS!!!Complain about that...Bash opinion on something that is worth it...Thank you for your time...

17. Joey Styles unregistered

I agree but this is a phone web site, so if it aint about phones then you need to go to cnn or msnbc.com and talk about that

12. DForce1 unregistered

your right we used to get by just fine without any cellular devices, but since they have become such a big importance in our lives, we have been able to be more effective at work and away from work, keep in contact with people more regularily than we would paying ridiculous long distance rates from a land line and faster communication worldwide!!! So it is imparitve that there is competition, otherwise we would have monopoly's that are controlling our economy which would make things a hell of alot worse than they are right now!!!! So we CAN complain, and be thankful there is competition in every industry, and hopefully the companies that are lacking will step up and make their products or services better than their competition like Verizon has

15. unregistered

I think people should be grateful, I'm not talking about having monoploy that are controlling our economy cause we are already there and the people of America is blind. The American dollar is fallen, people in this world is losing their homes, rice is to freakin expensive, gas is expensive and all the resourses that America has is being import to some other foreign country where we should be using our own resources to provide for our own country. Yes, it ok to have competition but dang, how far will the people take it. One day we are gonna wake up and there will be no more cellphones, there will be no United States...hell the rate that we're going there will be no more people. Compete about that....There are more important things in life than a stupid cellphone and seeing who's gonna have it come out first or if this company have it in their stores first and if it has bugs or not. That's the problem, society hurrying up to build things and then fix it later with a patch. Need to focus on family, the economy and the kids of the future than some high ass priced cellphone....oh my bad, those cheating husband and wifes, boyfriends and cheating girlfriends need those cellphone to be able to contact the person that their cheating with. And those husband or wives that work so much and neglect their families are able to just call and say hello thinking that a voice will make everything ok, cause they called, but not think that physically being there with them would be more apreciated...There are things in this world that I can ramble on about that's more important, but I know this site makes cellphone more important than life, so I will close this email and not respond to any other comments. You can take this a opinion or you can take it and get mad at it I don't care, for now this is America and this is only freedom of speech....I hope everyone enjoy their blackberry Curve whether it be from Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile which had it first and any other carrier that they may choose to use. They chose it cause it works well for them, keep that in mind everyone...You chose that carrier for a reason....Good or bad...

19. unregistered

I'm glad we have competition amongst the cell phone companies. It really keeps the prices reasonable. I agree with deeman, why the hell would Sprint release their unlimited plans in select markets only? Didn't they think the rest of country would enjoy that too? Sorry guys but Sprint's network really isn't that good. Most of it is borrowed from other towers from other companies. That claim about them having the larger EV-DO network is also bogus. I looked at their high speed coverage map nationally and compared it with Verizon's. Sprint has Verizon beat in only TWO places: Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Verizon has them beat everywhere else. Not to mention that Sprint lost billions of dollars at the end of last year and they lost a lot of customers to go with it. They are constantly in the top five companies in the country and was voted the Best Carrier last year. That says a lot. Right now, their only competition is AT&T who will be adopting the same LTE technology as Verizon in the future. I had Sprint for two years before I moved over to Verizon and I've been happy ever since. I think Sprint is giving away a lot of goodies to save customers but it's too little too late. As for these posts that talk about the world and being grateful and husbands and wives calling or not callng their kids and the American dollar.... this is a cell phone carrier discussion fellas... If you wanna vent about the economy and family matters, go do that on some other social forum like Dr. Phil's site or something. To post #15, I think you got some family issues there buddy.

20. unregistered

sounds like you have some problems of your own...and aparently you have a major problem with infedelity. did someone cheat on you or what...just let it out man. VENT!

22. unregistered

I love how it is so easy to get American people so easly wound up....

24. unregistered

Wow! This site is lame...nothin but haters on board...didn't really get any information out of these posts. Peace.

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