Sprint lays down the law about tethering with the Pre

Sprint lays down the law about tethering with the Pre
When push comes to shove, it looks like all the talk about hacking the Pre has hit Sprint right at the heart. Hackers around the world have probably been working night and day trying to get a way to allow tethering on the Pre. All of that came to a screeching halt when Sprint “politely” warned the team over the Pre Dev Wiki. And by politely, we mean using some big fancy words stating that Palm will be forced to take legal action – both on the ones responsible for running the wiki and IRC. So all the talk around allowing tethering on the Pre needs to stop altogether during Sprint's exclusivity period. The team behind the site complied and posted a statement explaining their actions.

source: Pre Dev Wiki via preThinking



1. killingthemonk

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Alles in Ordnung!

2. jovel16

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3. phone333

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5. vzw fanman

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what does that mean

7. attsucks

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Is that German?

4. The Spartan

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What a bunch of jackass retards. Tethering on Pre + VZW = BBA FTW. Do it right Sprint. For once...sheesh.

6. stuntz

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the phones software is too hackable for it to not happen...

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