Sprint launches the Touch Diamond

Sprint launches the Touch Diamond
We've known this day was coming for a long time (although, we weren't ever quite exactly sure what "this day" was,) but it is finally here: the HTC Touch Diamond is officially available.  Sprint has gone ahead and added some of their own touches to the device such as Picture Mail, Sprint TV, Sprint Music Store and a love-it-or-hate-it red backing, but overall the TouchFLO 3D interface we enjoyed so much on the GSM version looks to be relatively unmolested.  The Sprint hardware is a step up from the original, adding more memory and a faster processer which should allow everything to run smoother.  Users can snap up the device online or via TeleSales for a mere $249.99 on contract, after a $100 MIR. 

HTC Touch Diamond CDMA Specifications



1. unregistered

Why call it the Diamond? it doesn't have the facets on the back like the original design

2. unregistered

when is it dropping for VZW?

3. unregistered

VZW will probably have it in another month or so. But you wouldn't want it as far as I understand it. Even a HTC rep wasn't so sure it would be so hot when Verizon gets done chopping up the hardware... But we'll see I guess. Funny thing is I'm supposed to be a rep for the Sprint Diamond but I STILL haven't gotten mine yet...

4. toy unregistered

even running on the original hardware and updated ROM, the touch Flo 3D is still running a bit choppy, imagine how it would run on vzw's version. Must be yucky

5. unregistered

can't have everything with VZW just a better network. a lot of their phones sucks but i think the network is better.

6. V.O.R. unregistered

Verizon reminds me of a hot girlfriend with halitosis... So close to being everything you want but there's always that frustrating flaw. Damn! You've got the best network! Why not just go ahead and have the best phones?

7. saneok unregistered

It is ridiculous how much they have ruined the Diamonds unique design. Its design was one of the reasons I wanted it, but now I am reconsidering. I just hope verizon will keep the original design, but something tells me that's not going to happen >: (

8. unregistered

I live on the East coast and travel between NY, NJ, PA. Should I get the Sprint version (for $250) or wait for the US 3G version available at Best Buy in a few weeks (for $700 or so) and activate on ATT (http://www.mobiletechreview.com/phones/US-3G-HTC-Touch-Diamond.htm)? Basically, I'm wondering which cell phone service is better in this area.... I'm not a fan of the red color on the Sprint version (looks too feminine for me), so the all black unlocked version is a plus. I would like to wait for the Verizon version (given their superior service in my area), though I've heard others say a wait of 6 months (rather than the 1 month stated above), which is how long the the white colored HTC Touch took to come out for Verizon. Appreciate any commments.

10. vzw fanboy unregistered

i would get what ever has better sevice i mean if you get a great phone and have lousy service, what good is it?

15. unregistered

To #8: hard to argue with JD Power, but I will say that from my experience, there isn't a dramatic difference between VZW and Sprint up here in the area (I've lived in the suburbs of NYC and Philly over the last few years). If you're a heavy user though, there IS a dramatic price difference to get Verizon or AT&T. I would do the 30 day trial thing for Sprint and see how it works out. Best case scenario, you save the $450 extra that the unlocked phone will cost you. If Sprint doesn't work for you, you can always cancel and shell out the extra $$'s or wait for the VZW version. BTW, if the red bothers you, I'm sure you can get a black back somewhere for less than $450 :)

9. unregistered

does it only come in red backing though? does it have it in black too or not?

11. unregistered

#8 if you are traveling the tri-state area then you need the best service coverage you can get with the best data speeds as well, and according to the report from JD Powers Verizon kills it in the NorthEast area in everything, the next best would be Sprint, then T Mobile and AT&T. I would never recommend ATT for anything in the NorthEast because their lack of 3g coverage made me return their equipment. I went to Sprint at first after porting from ATT but they are far more expensive then advetrtised and the Instinct doesnt work correctly and no one could help me. So I went to Verizon, and I LOVE IT!!! Nice monthly bill, amazing call quality and I love my Curve.

13. unregistered

you are an idiot for thinking verizon is the best!

16. vzw fanboy unregistered

in the northeast verizon definitly is the best for voice coverage, cause i live there. buts thats on average. it all depends on which network you get the best coverage where you live, thats what it boils down to... "big red will do it again", "sprint get a mint because your service stinks", "gayt&t sucks"

12. unregistered

sprint is the best and so is that new phone the diamond its so sleak and the internet is fast its the best!!!

14. unregistered

So basically number 3 there is no advocate for the touch diamond, our manager told us so we just went and bought them. mine will be here tuesday so im pretty stoked. this girl on employee telesales said its scary responsive compared to our current line up...

17. DXx unregistered

CANADA GOT IT FIRST!!!!!! its been out since early august! go telus! (telus sucks) anyways.... just saying that canadas amazing. DXx

18. la verga enmascarada unregistered

#17 wah u hay? how many canadas is there?

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