Sprint launches free mobile banking

Sprint launches free mobile banking
Sprint on Friday released a new downloadable application  called MyMoneyManager, allowing users with BB&T, Citibank, IBC Bank and PNC Bank accounts to conduct banking functions right on their phones. Features include checking balances, paying bills and finding nearby branches and ATMs. MyMoneyManager also includes PayPal, allowing users to send money to almost anyone via their Sprint phone.

source: Sprint via PhoneScoop



1. vzw fanboy unregistered

i dont mind sprint. but why did the movie "eagle eye" allow sprint to sponsor them though? when they could have had verizon or at&t? because when ever one of the main characters took their phones out, they all said sprint on them???

13. unregistered

Same thing with the TV show "24". Everyone on that show rocks Sprint or Nextel. Guess it's a product placement deal.

2. unregistered

the new season of heroes was the same way. when parker was in africa, the guy that ran into him said he should have gotten sprint

4. unregistered

I found that comment on the show funny being as you cannot use a CDMA device in Africa.

5. unregistered

you can use CDMA in africa in many countries. It depends on country

7. vzw fanboy unregistered

so wait why again do movies/shows alow sprint phones? another show was jericho on cbs, all of their phones were sprint. i can name a few movies/shows where ive found the verizon logo, final destination 3, i'll always know what you did last summer, she's the man, and i recently saw a guy in prison break using a phone that said verizon on the back. i know this is off topic, but does sprint go to the movies or do the movies go to sprint to put their phones in movies/shows?

9. unregistered

movie companies go to cell phone companies for funding their movie... so they go to sprint, because they have a higher budget for media advertisement (movies, as opposed to tv commercials)...

3. unregistered

I have had this with verizon for the last year and some change way to play catchup sprint.

10. unregistered

nice try... sprint is the first carrier in the us to offer this service... you were able to bank online with any internet enabled phone, but this makes it easier to manage, as you're not waiting for pages to load, cycle through one page, and go to the next. verizon might get this in a couple years, seeing as to how they like to "test" everything... and by "test", i mean cripple.... and if you have been doing this for a year, whats the program you've been using? vz bankning? doesn't exist....

11. unregistered

Actually it DOES exist. Only on certain handsets. It may not be up to specs for YOU but it does work well with certain banking institutions. This program is FREE right now. And just like Sprint, more banks to come...

6. unregistered

You are calling the application wrong...... "With MyMoneyManager, Sprint Customers Can Use the Speed of the Now Network(TM) to Send Payments Through PayPal and Quickly Access Multiple Bank Accounts Right on Sprint Phones" Is what is says on Sprint's newsletter http://newsreleases.sprint.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=127149&p=irol-newsArticle_newsroom&ID=1202263

8. Cali_E

Posts: 196; Member since: Sep 24, 2008

At&t sponsored nip tuck, I've seen all of the major carriers besides T-Mobile sponsor movies and t.v. shows. i think that sprint just seeks out the most tv and movie deals. someones gotta do it.

12. unregistered

why is everyone hating on sprint, everyone knows they have the best phones! what are all of u going to be saying when they are the first company with the Wimax network????

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