Sprint launches Push-to-X

Sprint launches Push-to-X
As expected, Sprint announces the Push-to-X features in addition to the current Nextel Direct Connect. This will result in giving customers new options to communicate via the fastest and largest push-to-talk service. These include push-to-send voice messages to any email address, with NextMail, and push-to-send pictures or contact info with Direct Send. As Sprint announced earlier this year, it will introduce new phones that support the network. That will allow for new features which could include push-to-text, push-to-locate, push-to-information designed to strengthen the concept of one-touch communications.

source: Sprint



1. jole55 unregistered

Here we go sprint flushing money down the toilet for it's i-den network. i-den is a failing lame technology, that sprint should and will in the next several years retire. God it sucks and is soooo expensive to run 3 different networks isnt it? "i-den, cdma, wimax"

2. sheeraz khan unregistered

push to x is on the cdma platform to be as fast as iden when it comes to direct connect features to transfer iden customers over to cdma and still have walkie talkie. this is they will end up only having cdma and wimax.

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