Sprint launches MMS Search

Sprint launches MMS Search
Sprint has partnered with Thrrum to bring MMS Search to its subscriber base.  The program is still in beta, but is available to anyone on the Sprint network with a camera phone.  Users simply need to send the picture message to m@thrrum.com, which will then send you a text with relevant information on the subject.  "Sprint subscribers can point their camera phone at a book, a product label or any printed material, take a picture and send a picture message to get relevant information right on their phone. With Thrrum, any text that you see around you becomes a hyperlink that can be “clicked” upon with your camera phone.” said CEO K. Gopalakrishnan.  There is no additional cost for the service, though users must have Picture Mail on their account to send and receive pictures.

source: Thrrum via PhoneScoop



1. hmmm unregistered

Way to disappoint Sprint Mogul user's even more....

2. unregistered

That's a rather silly thing to say. Every Mogul I've ever seen has been able to send e-mail just fine. No reason a picture message can't be sent with these devices, unless you are completely braindead.

3. Andy unregistered

Uh check your facts before you start calling people names. Sending email with a picture attached is not the same thing as sending picture mail (MMS). Windows Mobile devices on Sprint (such as the mogul) cannot use picture mail, therefore they cannot use Thrrum. Windows mobile devices on every other carrier can use MMS. So "hmmm" is correct, and you, "anonymous", are "completely braindead."

4. unregistered

Well if you send pics from windows mobile email to NUMBER@pm.sprintpcs.com it sends pics as if they where sent as a MMS... try it.

5. unregistered

m@thrrum.com is already in email format, so good luck sending that along w/ NUMBER@pm.sprintpcs.com.

6. unregistered

um, check your facts andy. sprint doesnt support mms in any device, only picture mail (which is NOT mms.) when sent to an email all mms, or picture mail, is is an email with a picture attachment. it works just fine on sprint wm devices, mms or not. and #6, i have no idea what youre saying. i dont think you quite understand how things work, sending to @pm... is to send to a phone number and has nothing to do with this service.

7. unregistered

Then why is it called MMS Search...?

8. Clarify 101 unregistered

Clarify 101 To clarify a little bit what is going on with Sprint and MMS on Windows Mobile: 1.- Sprint offers MMS to all their users with COMPATIBLE phones through Picture and Video Mail. 2.- Sprint currently (as of August 2008) is NOT offering MMS to any subscriber that uses Windows Mobile on their phones (like the Mogul, Touch, etc). 3.- Currently (again as of August 2008) the only way to send a picture or video to another cell phone (either Sprint or any other provider) so it can be received as MMS (Multimedia over SMS Text) is using the phone number @ whatever provider format which is listed in many forums and on Wikipedia as well (go tohttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SMS_gateways). This has to be done using your regular e-mail account on your sprint cell phone which is kind of annoying sometimes if not most of the times for both sender and receiver. To give some examples of the addresses: ATT: phonenumber@mms.att.net Cingular: phonenumber@mms.mycingular.com Nextel: phonenumber@messaging.nextel.com Sprint: phonenumber@pm.sprint.com T-Mobile: phonenumber@tmomail.net Verizon: phonenumebr@vzwpix.com 4.- Verizon has the full MMS service implemented for all subscribers including the ones with Windows Mobile. They use an application called ArcSoft. Many hackers were able to adapt it to the Sprint network and it was working fine until February 2008 when Sprint decided to cut in full the access from that program. It does not work anymore as of today. The reason was simple: is illegal to hack the program, and is illegal to install it without buying it on a phone that doesn’t belong to Verizon network. 5.- There is an application that has been developed from scratch and that is freeware that can make sprint Picture mail work on windows Mobile. The catch: you must donate $5 or more to open all features on the program (too much for freeware). Besides that, the program is still beta (has many problems) and due to the way Picture Mail works, you cannot see the picture on your text when receiving, you must click on a link to go online to see it. Check it out athttp://forum.ppcgeeks.com/showthread.php?t=22509. 6.- There are rumors (seems that now is a confirmed fact) that Sprint is now working together with Microsoft to develop a MMS application for their Windows Mobile phones. The bad news: there is no official word form either side and there is no date set for it to happen. This should clarify all your MMS, SMS, and related issues on Sprint.

10. unregistered

You say COMPATIBLE phones,BUT they do not offer it on the BB Curve which IS a COMPATIBLE phone....

9. unregistered

I am thinking of getting a Mogul, but am hesitant due to in inability to send picture or video mail without the extra steps. I was wondering if the Mogul receives picture and video mail as normal. Can anyone comment? Thanks.

11. Abel unregistered

I Just Bought a mogul and that's the only regrets i have not sending pics and video to my contacts.. But is there a program or software to go around this because i know for sure version moguls can send pictures and videos.

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