Sprint launches BlackBerry Curve 8350i sign-up page

Sprint launches BlackBerry Curve 8350i sign-up page
Sprint users that have been forced to keep the aging BlackBerry 7100i are in for a treat, as Sprint has announced the sign-up page for the upcoming BlackBerry 8350i. Though it's not the typical durable Nextel device, the 8350i does offer Wi-Fi, GPS, and push-to-talk, all in a black casing. Hardcore users need not apply, however we're sure that plenty of people are excited about this device finally coming to the network.

Source: Sprint via BGR



1. unregistered

I think this would be a great compliment to the Sprint iDen network.

2. unregistered

finally all those 7100i users will be able to come into my store and i can give them something that is an actual upgrade!! Thank you blackberry!

3. unregistered

a proper blackberry for a proper ptt network, awesome...

4. unregistered

I'm sure it's a fine device, it's the network and the customer service you have to worry about. If you happen to live in one of those small areas that actually has coverage, go for it!

5. unregistered

Great news for me, I live in that small area where iden coverage kicks a$$

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