Sprint launches BlackBerry 8830 World Edition

Sprint launches BlackBerry 8830 World Edition
Sprint just announced officially the BlackBerry 8830 World Edition Smartphone, which will be available next month online at sprint.com at the price of $200 after rebates.

The 8830 is the CDMA/GSM hybrid version of the 8800 which is offered by both AT&T and T-Mobile. It is BlackBerry with full QWERTY keyboard, landscape QVGA display, microSD slot and media player but no camera. It is only 14mm thin and with glossy black surface, similar to the one of the Pearl.

As it is a hybrid, it has SIM card slot and can work in any GSM network on the 900/1800 MHz (Europe/Asia) bands. As the phone comes unlocked, you can just plug any SIM card, and not only one of Sprint’s roaming partners.

More information – Sprint



1. Judas unregistered

hands down, the best phone of the year!

2. unregistered

it's alright.

3. unregistered

it's easier to count how many places it won't work than how many it will work in.

4. Long-time Blackberry user unregistered

I am a long time bb user and have to say the new RIM 8830 is beyond the perfect product in nearly every category. RUN don't walk to pick this thing up. Spring for the optional 2GB micro SD card AND the motorola S9 bluetooth headset. Pricey setup however, you WONT be disappointed with this arrangement. Copy your favorite music files out of your itunes music folder and drop them down to the microSD card (dont worry, it comes with an adapter) and plug it in and the 8830 doubles as your ipod. Oh, by the way, the 8830 is also a turn-by-turn personal GPS navigator using the Telenav app. The speakerphone on this thing is unbeliveably good. The automatic voice dialing is spot-on. The form factor is small,beautiful and absolutely usable. Oh, by the way, did I mention that it doubles as a wireless data modem for your laptop on Sprint's speedy EVDO network. All of this and it works anywhere in the world on either CDMA or GSM networks....automatically. Outfitted as I describe will cost you less than an Apple iphone, but the 8830 is WAAAAY more useful. RIM has FINALLY scored a MAJOR home run with the 8830. It's wrth every dime. Trust me. I never review products, but this thing is beyond amazing. Road warriors REJOICE!!!

5. Raj Chandra unregistered

i can now leave home without the computer, ipod & headphones, overseas phone, Garmin nav, etc. 8830 does it all anywhere. i use motorolas s9 headset/microphone and it is very nice indeed. my blackberry 8830 does it all. if i wasnt already addicted to my blackberry, having wireless hi-fi music anywhere like on the plane and train and being able to take phone calls while pausinging my music automatically makes it a joy to use. The guys in our office swear by using it in the gym to work out with. My hair is slightly longer in the back and on the sides, so the headset is completely hidden and you cant even tell that i have it on. i like that i dont look like the typical bluetooth cyborg-nerd when i use the s9. i get so many compliments on the 8830's looks. eveyone says it looks sexy like the video ipod, i dont care about that. it just is a truly wonderful device.

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