Sprint joins the party, will soon prorate ETFs

Sprint joins the party, will soon prorate ETFs
Hot on the heels of paying over $73M in settlements, and months after first announcing they would do so, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse said in an interview yesterday that the nation's number three carrier would begin prorating ETF's as early as December, as soon as the billing system could be updated.  Exact details were not laid out, but we would expect the structure would be similar to the remaining Big Four carriers and that each month the ETF would go down a small amount.  Sprint's definitely late on this move, but you won't find us lambasting a consumer friendly move.

source: Yahoo! Tech



1. unregistered

let the sprint bashing begin from all the vzw fanboys...

4. vzw fanboy unregistered

lol im not going to bash sprint because this isnt the right article to do that on. sprint is a great carrier, cheaper than verizon, but if you travel around the country a lot verizon would prolly be better.

2. jrcrow unregistered

Just switched to sprint due to them having coverage where we live..so far so good after a few days! ;-) cdma holds a better signal almost all the time!..plus reasonably priced plans for familes! E

3. unregistered

Nice job! We have to remember that in '03 Cingular was sued for $30m for ETF's. That's where it all started.

5. unregistered

actually its started with vzw...att started their prorated etf back in early 08

6. unregistered

Then Sprint was sued for $50 sum mill and VZW paid $24 out of court but I think that was all in Cali. I always wondered how T-Mobile and other companies like Direct TV and Dish Network were never sued but also had contract with ETF's?

7. unregistered

COOOL! Good for sprint. ITs about time. And thank you vzw fanboy, that was nice of you.

8. tohot unregistered

the consumer thinks they are always being hit with something. You watch the more that people say they are being hurt by these large phone companies the fcc and other government agency are going to crush the industry with regulations. People think they are getting what they want when companies like sprint atat vz are being sued, but it hurts the people that work there and it hurts the consumer. its not hard to understand that people need to take responsibility for their own actions. don't have a contract if you can not handle it. the choices are there but people just want something to complain about because the rest of their lives are unhappy. When all the cool phones are going because companies are shutting down people will quickly forget how they cried and cried about such pettie things as 200 or 175 etf. it will cost so much more.

9. unregistered

i never understood how a company is willing to hand out an expensive cell phone for a rather reduced cost i.e. vzw 8330 is 429.99 full retail but with 2 yr and mir its 99.99. so any cell companie takes a 400-500 hit when commision and inital set up costs are figured it whenever a new cust is taken on, and to recover some of the cost the etf is assessed. and cust sign up for this deal knowingly aware of it. then go to the govnment and say hey this isnt fare. one can always buy a phone at full retail and have no contract to worry about

10. unregistered

this is the offical info from sprint released today eff 11/02/2008: Months Remaining on Contract Early Termination Fee Amount Due 24 $0, unless customer is not eligible under the 30-day guarantee period, then $200 23 $200 22 $200 21 $200 20 $200 19 $190 18 $180 17 $170 16 $160 15 $150 14 $140 13 $130 12 $120 11 $110 10 $100 9 $90 8 $80 7 $70 6 $60 5 $50 4 $50 3 $50 2 $50 1 $50 Note: It is Sprint’s policy to waive the ETF if the customer is within the last 30 days of their contract commitment.

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