Sprint integrates Google search, revamps mobile homepage

Sprint integrates Google search, revamps mobile homepage
Sprint launched Sprint Web today, a new homepage for their mobile phones.  Google search is integrated into the homepage, a move the two companies announced a few months ago, and content is now delivered based off the user's previous use.  For example, if a user frequently goes to sports sites, the top sports news will be delivered to that user's homepage, meaning each user's homepage will be unique.  This is an automatic, free upgrade to 40+ Sprint phones and the company plans to have it available on all web enabled devices in the coming weeks.

source: Sprint



1. SPRINT>FLUCKING ME unregistered

What Ever Happened To Power Vision Web Hahahaha ( This so-called "upgrade") Is A JOke.......>>>>>>>>>>>>.. I Can Laugh All Day..... Sprint does Not Invest There Money Properly......... They Just Use It!!!!!!! What A Waste

2. unregistered

wow somebody has issues!!!

3. AG unregistered

to cooment #1 i smell a hater they wanted sprint to sink well now with this they gonna prove them wrong and 4G coming this soon lol Haterz

4. remydakid unregistered

number one, come on. dont hate on sprint. you just have bad luck.

5. unregistered

sprint is trash bottom line.

6. Car RamRod unregistered

Seems to me, as a retail wireless business owner, insert a wireless company name and almost any complaint you will make, somebody went through it with your favorite carrier too! All companies in this business are similar. Some people get lucky, find a good store, friendly associates, etc. Others do not, so they have to waste a day and call in and don't get what they want, then they go on sites like this and bash the carrier. Check each post, probably a different b_tch session about another carrier and how THEY SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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