Sprint happy with AT&T's decision to stop proposed T-Mobile purchase

No one fought harder than Sprint and its Chairman Dan Hesse, in trying to prevent AT&T from acquiring T-Mobile; now that AT&T has decided not to move forward with the proposed $39 billion transaction, the nation's third largest carrier sang its praises for the government in blocking the deal...
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27. lsutigers

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Sprint's network is doing quite well, my employer recently moved over 15,000 lines (including 3G and 4G devices including phones, new Sprint Direct Connect / Nextel Direct Connect / 3G 4G data cards, MiFi's and embedded tablets and laptops) from VZW to Sprint and the service has been so good I made the same switch for my family. Although I rarely roam, people tend to forget that Verizon and Sprint have roaming agreements and roam on each other's networks wherever they have deadspots (which every carrier has, trust me, I used to work for VZW). Sprint is heading in the right direction with Network Vision. Check out network.sprint.com 3G data IS getting faster with the improvements but the iPhone has done some damage as expected. I read a Reuters article the other day that Sprint is working with Apple to improve network performance due to heavy iPhone usage. As for 4G, LTE should be up and running by Q3, in the meantime, I get 8mbps average with WiMax which is almost as fast as my cable internet which I am about to replace with the Sprint Overdrive.

32. LordBonztie

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network congestion. thats the answer why you have slow speeds with WiMAX. meaning to say. sprint has a lot of subscribers.
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