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Sprint goes on the record to say Froyo update for the Epic 4G is coming February 21st

0. phoneArena posted on 18 Feb 2011, 15:08

In a recent Sprint forums posting, one of the Sprint admins put up a statement that mentions February 21st as the expected day when the Froyo update is going to be made available. Furthermore, it states that the...

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posted on 18 Feb 2011, 17:15 1

1. Socalvenom (unregistered)

whats the point in releasing the update all super late when many customers who bought the epic switched back to the evo or left because of lack of update communication. If anything Sprint should of released froyo to the epic shortly after the evo received it or released with it from day one.

posted on 18 Feb 2011, 18:02 3

2. RORYREVOLUTION (Posts: 3117; Member since: 12 Jan 2010)

If anyone returned their Epic JUST because it was running 2.1 is a idiot. I could live without adobe flash and I never had any problems with phone storage so I have no use to install apps to my SD card.

I wish they had skipped 2.2 and went with 2.3 though to be honest. It's hardly anything to get excited about.

posted on 19 Feb 2011, 11:40 1

9. Socalvenom (unregistered)

Ah but you see just because you could live with out it doesn't mean everyone else can. What I forgot to mention was that Many customers switched back to an Evo or left all together because many people felt they had to many issues with the phone whether it was battery life or laggy interface so forth and so on. Everybody's different when it comes to needs many people when they bought the Epic wanted to take full advantage of the phones capability's but couldn't because of 2.1 OS and there for felt ripped of or left out hence the constant complaining that actually led to a law suit. A group of people unhappy that everyone was getting froyo goodness except for them went after Sammy and XDA did make different copies of 2.2 but not everyone wants to root their phones. and lets be honest who doesn't want flash on a phone I mean flash 10.1 was one of the thing's if not the main thing people wanted out of the phone when they bought it. Advice never look at it from a personal stand point look at it from a tech stand point and then judge

posted on 18 Feb 2011, 19:16 2

3. CRICKETownz (Posts: 980; Member since: 24 Oct 2009)

i second that notion...to leave a carrier or switch phones based on a lack of a software update is completely childish. Google has created this monster that has everyone on edge for the next update. i have 2.1 on my fascinate and its fine. not work goin thru all these motions for. i mean damn...

posted on 18 Feb 2011, 19:46 1

4. RORYREVOLUTION (Posts: 3117; Member since: 12 Jan 2010)

Agreed and as I have said before. Updates can really screw up your phone.

Moto Droid 1 worked fine with 2.0. A lot of people had issues with it after 2.1 and 2.2.

Same thing with the EVO, Droid X, Nexus One, and etc etc.

Unless the update is going to radicially improve performance and make huge improvements, I have no problem waiting as long as the update does not screw up my phone.

posted on 19 Feb 2011, 00:42 3

5. belovedson (Posts: 1052; Member since: 30 Nov 2010)

i wouldnt be surprised if the first poster works for verizon or something. thanks sprint for releasing the much needed update

posted on 19 Feb 2011, 05:08 2

6. listenup (unregistered)

2.1 to 2.2 is kind of a big deal in a lot of ways from a practical standpoint for the galaxy s series. Especially, since 2.1 wasn't well integrated and has tons of problems with it. 2.1 on the galaxy s series feels more like a beta than a polished OS final.

The update is more than just a move from google's base framework to another version.....it's Samsung's improvement of integration of that OS with their hardware including improved drivers; overall speed/fluidity, previewed browser tabs, wifi connectivity speed, gps lock, phone signal and battery life to name a few improvements.Do some research on XDA before speculating. There are even several versions of 2.2 that have been released for Samsung's international I9000 that have made a difference in performance/stability on the phone.

Let's not forget that some apps require 2.2 for installation and updating.

posted on 19 Feb 2011, 10:50 1

8. BigBrotherMotown (unregistered)

FINALLY....someone with some sense has spoken!

I dont see how anyone can say that 2.2 is NOT useful when they manufactured the epic with almost NO internal storage compared to a lot of other phones......and who wants NO FLASH in the browser???

Not to mention the other speed and battery optimizations....

anyone who feels that they dont want/need 2.2, probably dont really need a smartphone either.

posted on 19 Feb 2011, 09:20

7. remixfa (Posts: 14605; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

there are hundreds of optimizations in the 2.2 update other than just going to 2.2. Sammy has been putting a lot of work behind fixing every problem on it and adding new features. The 2.2 update for the vibrant did wonders for it. Slap them stupid for the time it took (them and the carriers both), but be happy that its a great update that fixes things, not just an update just because.

posted on 21 Feb 2011, 01:22

10. mase ~:) (unregistered)

Evo is just the big brother of this whole dilema epic gets the hand me downs. . .in other words sprint is sucking off evo to make it there main phone . . .update good but for a device having potentiall and seeing lower end devices with they let's say better updates its just plain ridiculous how things work . . Pardon my french but yeah shout out to sprint and samsung keep up the good work . . .

posted on 21 Feb 2011, 19:27

11. downphoenix (Posts: 3165; Member since: 19 Jun 2010)

Sprint didnt intentionally make the update take forever, if that was the case, we would have seen these update MUCH sooner on T-Mo, Verizon, and AT&T, but T-mo just got its not long ago, Verizon hasnt released theres yet but its coming pretty soon, and AT&T, nothing needs to be said about their terrible Android track record. Just saying, if Sprint was the hold up and Samsung was on the bill here, the other carriers would have gotten on board with it already.

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