Sprint brings corporate email to dumbphones

Sprint brings corporate email to dumbphones
Sprint has made their dumphones just a little bit smarter, offering them a Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes email solution.  "Sprint Mobile Email Work will allow customers to read and respondto their business email and look up work contacts from a wider varietyof Sprint phones, including the new Instinct," said Kevin Packingham,senior vice president of product and technology development forSprint.  The program is an extension of the SEVEN-powered Sprint Mobile Email client that has been available on several handsets for a while now.  The program is free to users with an Everything or Talk/Message/Data share plan, as well as subscribers to the Vision Pro package.  For other users with other plans it will run $9.99/month.

source: Sprint via Gizmodo



1. unregistered

Sprint is really starting to make moves. The next few months will make or break Sprint.

2. Sprint Daddy!! unregistered

Things are looking up. Lets keep it going.

3. question unregistered

do you have to get the simply everything plan in order to buy the instinct? and does the instinct come out june 20 or june 23? and what is the full retail price without siging a new contract and stuff? this phone looks like its gunna be sick

5. unregistered

you have to get an everything plan or simply eerything, so you can get the everything 450 min which is 69.99, everything 900 min, for 89.99, simply everything w/ unlimited min for 99.99. if you want a family plan, there are everything family plans, there is the everything 1500 for 129.99 for the first two phones and 19.99 per add a line, there is also the everything 3000 for families which is 169.99 for the first two phones and 19.99 per add a line. the reason they did this because these plans include unlimited data, navigation, tv, music, text messaging, picture message, etc. basically everything your phone can do internet wise is included. it's comparable to any other smart device where you have to add the 30 pro pack, so if you had the 450 anytime minute plan and you added 30 pro pack you would be at at the 69.99, they just made it easier and combined everything and includes more stuff.

4. unregistered

Can't wait to read the review on Instinct... I want to see what multimedia features it has.

6. unregistered

I was excited for the instinct to come out until I realized after speaking with numerous reps who said I have coverage that I live in a roaming area. Hope I just talked to 2 idiots in a row, not a good indication of the level of their customer service....

7. Leo unregistered

Let me tell you my store with Sprint earlier this year. Let me first say that I am currently VZW customer and got feed up with their fees. So I hoped to switch to another CDMA courier. On the internet, I check that that for my location (zip 94606) their map showed that I would get the best coverage. I got their SERO plan and got home brand new Moto Q9c. Surprise... I have no signal inside my house on the first floor (house sits on a hill top). I ran upstairs....nothing. Ran outside on the front yard...nothing...across the street nothing...ran to a nearest street intersection about 300 yards away...wow 1 bar. At the same time my old Verizon Moto Q9 was pulling strong four bars of signal. So I called Sprint CS complaining what's up...you won't believe what they told me. "There is nearest cell station about 2 miles away", he replied, "would you be considering drive toward it to get a better reception". I though he is kidding me...who in Earth would get cell phone and drive two miles to get a reception. When I declined that offer, he asked if I leave in a house or apartment. So I told him that it is a house. What he offered me next, threw me off my chair..."Would be considering to have Sprint install small antenna on your backyard?" I understood that this guy either dumb like a door knob or just playing me. So I hang up on him and called back again. Another CS rep told me exact same story like they're both were reading from the script. I decided that it is not worth it to deal with Sprint and asked to cancel a service. After I canceled service and wanted to return phone back, Sprint only agreed to give a store credit...Hug??? My reply was "Credit? What credit? I want my money back." Fighting with clerk at the store and his manager, I just slammed the door and left. Called CS and requested to ship phone to them. They agreed upon that and said that I will receive return shipping packaging material including RA# in a few days. Of course, I didn't get it in a few day. It took two weeks and multiple calls to CS with hours of wait time. Finally, I was able to ship the phone back. They received it and claimed that I will get credit back to my credit card in a few days. Again few days are passing by and nothing is happening. So I was calling CS service again...they said, "Yes, you got a credit for $212 on your Sprint account". I asked that I don't want Sprint credit and just want my money back. Sprint replied that it will take 3 to 4 billing cycles before I would be able to receive my money back. At that moment, I called my credit card and asked to place payment to Sprint on dispute. After one week, Sprint CS manager (as she introduced herself) called my home number asking how come I am not satisfied with Sprint service and why I decided to cancel it. I didn't want to talk to Sprint whoever it would be at the moment and just hang up. A months after I received a check back from Sprint for amount that I paid plus $100 Sprint store credit certificate for considering to come back. Sprint prices is better then VZW, but customer service and service in general sucks big time. I know that some people are looking for bargains but I had enough stress in two months to stick with VZW.

8. unregistered

Im with Sprint and I dont know what it is about hills... my wife's cousin house i cannot get a signal and they are definitely somewhere that gets good signal all around...but up on their hill.. they do not... very strange... I love Sprint and I've been with them for years.....I got burnt by Verizon years ago so fawk them.. Yes Sprint's customer service generally sucks... I always hang up and try again until I get someone that speaks English and understands it... it's a shame how corporate America subs out jobs in other countries for a cheaper price with such poor quality...

9. unregistered

Just out of curiousity, why not AT&T?

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