Sprint blocks out vacation days for a major phone announcement

A leaked memo shows that Sprint is preventing employees from taking a vacation in early October due to the "possibility of a major phone launch"; you don't have to be a Mensa candidate to know that the phone in question is the Apple iPhone 5...
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33. Random Sprint Supervisor unregistered

This blackout must be for retail employees. Im a Lead in a call center for Sprint internal, and I have three days off in that timeframe lol. Not an apple fan, been around Android since the launch of the G1, Nexus, and OG Moto Droid. Ben programming too. I own the Nexus S and couldn't be happier. Both Operating systems are fantastic, in my opinion they each have their strengths and weknesses. I personally will not be getting an iPhone because it does not do evertyhing I need it too. Also, you'll never catch me programming in Objective C. Java and open-source SDK all the way baby! I am excited about the Epic 4g Touch though. (It's a glaxys S II, why they changed the name i'll never know) Hardware wise it will knowck the socks off the iPhone, but only time will tell to see which phone sells more.

34. iWhatever unregistered

Honestly I have no idea why anyone would want an iPhone. Tell me something it does that an android phone doesn't do. People don't even know what the iPhone does, all they know is that it's made by apple and that they want it because it's an iPhone. A customer came in with his daughter asking for the iPhone and I ask her what she likes about it and her response is that it's an iPhone. She doesn't even want to look at any android phone because it doesn't have an "i" in front of the name. Give me a break. What really shows that people are going just for the name, is when Hispanics come in asking for it. They can hardly speak a lick of english, but they still ask for the apple telefono, not even an iPhone just the apple phone. By the way that email is in no way a Sprint email sent to employees. There are no emails or internal documents that say Sprint Feed on them. The Playbook is the way Sprint spreads the words to employees about new or upcoming devices. Sprint always blacks out dates for vacation starting from October to January for the upcoming holidays. It happened last year too and no iPhone came out.

35. BDW2008

Posts: 25; Member since: Mar 30, 2011

I am a sprint rep and we received no such email or memo stating that these dates have been blacked out so people need to stop making up s**t just cuz they want the iphone on sprint stfu!!!!!!!!!!! And i'm not even lying so dont try to deny this post. iPhone wannabes

36. BDW2008

Posts: 25; Member since: Mar 30, 2011

also my main man here J Love said you know how easy it is to make an email and send it to yourself and take a picture.

37. sprint2222 unregistered

This is interesting, I have worked for sprint for years and still think this is funny. We do not use anything called sprint feeds. Everything is communicated in a usual email. And just to see if I missed anything I requested 10/2 until 10/10 off today and out was approved. And yes, I work in sales and am a corporate employee, not a 3rd party store. But if this rumor keeps you happy knock yourself out.
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