Sprint announces Touch Diamond and Touch Pro

Sprint announces Touch Diamond and Touch Pro
Sprint today formally announced the CDMA variants of HTC's Touch Diamond and Touch Pro, ending months of speculation for Sprint users eager to purchase the device. Both are sleek WM6.1 Professional smartphones with the TouchFLO 3D interface, just as the GSM models which are already on the market. Common features include stereo Bluetooth, 3.2-megapixel cameras, Wi-Fi, GPS, and Opera browser; the Diamond has 4GB of internal memory while the Touch Pro uses microSD cards for storage. The Touch Diamond will replace the Touch, coming at $250 after $100 mail-in rebate and a contract. The Mogul will be replaced by the Touch Pro, which will be available on October 19 for $300 after $100 MIR and a contract.

source: Sprint via PhoneScoop



1. ME unregistered

When is it coming to Verizon? What is the quality build of an HTC product?

3. unregistered

yo nobody cares about verizon, SPRINT MAKES THE BEST PHONES, we gonna see whats going to happen once SPRINT comes out with WIMAX... whats gonna be ur question then, WHEN IS WIMAX COMING OUT FOR VERIZON?? LOL... SORRY I JUST HATE VERIZON, BUT WHAT I SAY IS TRUE

4. unregistered

What phones does Sprint actually make?

5. RemmyZero unregistered

dude sprint doesn't make that phone, or any phone for that matter, so i don't quite follow your comment. HTC makes it and it's slated for verizon around next month. HTC has had identical phones with vzw and sprint for some time now. and as for WIMAX, we'll see what happens. right now VZWs EVDO rev A speed is fairly impressive. given the rate that sprint is losing customers and selling their property assets they may not be around as long as everyone hopes. i for one hope they don't have to fold and don't get acquired by a bigger company. it would just mean less choices and more monopolies.

8. vzw fanboy unregistered

you said it right remmyzero. haha lol. everyone on here cares about verizon idiot

9. unregistered

I don't care about them...so i guess not everyone. Everyone does apparently care about Sprint becasue everytime there is news about Sprint all the little VZW fanboys spew their garbage posts.

12. unregistered

dude ur lame, why hate? just cuz they are superior to most of the other carriers in the US. I guess u haven't read the JD and Associates report. VZW came up on top and the worst spot it got was 2nd place.I understand u like sprint but relax bro. They are just a carrier not presidential candidates.

14. unregistered

Trust me not hating at all...just love busting balls on all the VZW fanboys when they make stupid comments like "everyone on here cares about verizon idiot". Why would I hate? I pay less and can do more on my phone and have a much better plan that VZW offers. I don't have dropped calls and always have service. I may roam from time to time but its free so no worries. I have free phone as a modem and get 1mbps speeds all over Indy. I think the question you should be asking is if VZW is so big and bad then why do the fanboys even care about Sprint? Jealousy maybe? Also way to go on the JD power. You do realize that all that is is a survey right? Which is just the opinion of 22,000 people no actual facts.

18. vzw fanboy unregistered

haha lol. why would i care about sprint. by everyone cares i mean, its always a fight having to do with verizon on all the news articles almost. well im not hurting on money so i dont care how much verizon charges, they still have more features, voice and data coverage out of any carrier.

19. unregistered

does anyone now when it come out for alltel?

20. unregistered

"well I'm not hurting for money so I don't care how much Verizon charges" That's what VZW loves to hear!

22. unregistered

Well I don't understand what you are saying in the first part of your post but what ever. I would like you to list the "more features" you are talking about because I don't see any. I know with a Sprint dumb-phone you can add features like Opera Mini and Orb which I could not add to my buddies EnV. Since you seem to be a know all about VZW please list some of these features you talk about. Also noticed no VZW phone has Live Search which is one of the best features I have ever seen on a phone....Sprint has that as well.

24. unregistered

you do realize that sprint lost $253 million and 1.09 million customers in the first three months of this year right? you do realize that sprint is in third place out of the four major carriers right? you do realize that sprint is ranked dead last in customer service in just about every survey even landing the top spot for the coveted customer service hall of shame? or maybe you overlooked sprints junk status credit rating? who would be jealous of any of those things... sprint fanboys are hilarious!

26. unregistered

Yes I'm aware they lost 1.09 mill and will loss another mill in q3 and another in q4. Ever heard of iDen? They are jumping ship like there is no tomorrow and I don't blame them. Gary Forsee ran the company into the ground and made a very poor decision in merging with Nextel. He is now gone but the problems he caused are not. I've called CS twice in the last year and had no problems what so ever. Comcast ranks last in Cusotmer Service and they are doing just fine. I had to leave them becasue they want to charge an arm and a leg for something I can get else were for less. The fact that they are losing iDen customer effects me and my service no way what so ever. Did you see what Ford and GM lost last quarter? Should everyone just stop buying Ford and GM cars since thay are losing money? Also still wating for a list of all these features VZW has over all the other carriers. If you don't like Sprint or my comments then don't read any articles regarding Sprint.

30. vzw fanboy unregistered

i dont believe they have mobile Tv, they have way less 3g which verizon uses vcast so that right there makes way more features. if you have limited 3g, you have limited features. also there are waaaayy more things you can do on "my account online" on vzw than on sprint. verizon's current phones beat sprints phones in a landslide. "sprint is a cellphone company?" "i thought it was a new soda!" hahaha lol. do you honestly think sprint is better than VZW?

31. unregistered

You try and discredit the survey because its just the opinions of 22,000 people. You do realize that the opinions of the customer is what actually counts because the customers are what makes the business. So if most of the people prefer VZW, then that sums it all up.

33. unregistered

no problems with sprint as a company just fanboys such as yourself. nice way to spin sprint losing money and customers into a positive light. or saying jd ratings dont matter because you don't like the results or blaming iden for sprints failures. show me any survey or report that shows sprint being successful or vastly superior like you claim. youre lucky if you find anything that doesnt rank sprint dead last... if sprint is cheaper and far better than all other carriers like fanboys say, people would be flocking to them. simple as that. http://www.customersarealways.com/2007/05/sprint_makes_the_top_10_liston.html ^can anyone POSSIBLY be jealous of that????

34. unregistered

First of all, not only does Sprint have mobile TV, they have more offerings than Vcast. NFL Network, E!, Spike, Disney, CNN and like 25 others. Yeah and they don't have way less 3G coverage than Verizon. Where do you get your info? Do a little research and you'll see that Sprint has a great data network. If you prefer VZW, cool. But don't come on here and spew nonsense!

35. unregistered

You are such a stupid, Sprint sucks and Verizon rocks it is number one for everything sprint does not know how to run itself.

37. unregistered

Your use of exceptional grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. sums up the intelligence level of people that favor verizon. By the way, I am impressed with the fact that your turned the word stupid into a noun.

38. vzw fanboy unregistered

why isnt mobile tv on sprints coverage map, like verizon and at&t? hahah, what are we doing writing a research paper. haha lol ..why you do care if we no talk the english up to the standrads of urself? go on vzw.com/coverage...at the bottom of the map it says "click here for boradband 3g network comparisions" it compared at&t and sprint with verizons 3g coverage map. "hey do you like sprint"? "why are you talking foreign, sprint is a verb not a noun!" "its a cellphone company" "oh ive never heard of them before"

39. vzw fanboy unregistered

plus vcast is different than mobile TV, idiot. haha lol

40. unregistered

Sprint has had TV since 2005 notice the link below proving it. They don't have in on the coverage map because it works were ever Sprint coverage is. Apparently VZW and AT&T don't do that so they have a separate coverage map for TV since it is not availble everywere. http://www.mobiledia.com/news/36974.html We are not doing a research paper but we also are not writing fictional storys like you are. If you did research you would not look like a fool after your false comments are proven WRONG. Were do you get your info from? Just becasue you can type it does not make it true. Do the VZW fanboys know what Google is? Please use it before you make any more fictional posts. As far a EVDO goes...why does Sprint advertize having the largest broadband network? VZW was quick to make AT&T pull their "Fewest Droped Calls" but they have not made Sprint pull "With this plan and your Mobile Broadband Card or USB modem, you have instant Internet access wherever you go on the largest national Mobile Broadband network." Also were is VZWs streaming radio? I can listen to every NFL game local broadcast by team as well as watch any game on NFL Network form my phone. I have Sprint radio and well as Sirus and local radio stations from accross the county. You can also add Google maps to any phone since Sprint uses Java and not BREW.

41. vzw fanboy unregistered

listen buddy, i shouldnt have to go to google to see if sprint has mobile tv. its on verizon and at&t's coverage maps, so i logically thought it would be on sprint's.maybe because vzw knows sprint has no chance in catching up to the service of verizon... and like ive said many times i dont care how many features sprint has, they are worthless if you have no coverage. would u honestly take sprint over verizon or even at&t? especially if you travel? "sprint needs a mint for their stinky service"

42. vzw fanboy unregistered

hahahaha....verizon is the best on here...GO TO THIS EVERYONE....http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/verizon-wireless-post-gustav-test-drive/story.asp x?guid=%7BDED98051%2D587A%2D4E1E%2DA720%2DB231F7679A2D%7D

44. unregistered

Well then do me a favor and don't comment on a company you obviously know nothing about. Sprint has had TV for 3 years yet you bash them and knowing nothing about them. Then you go with the infomous "they are worthless if you have no coverage". I love that one. You are right they have no coverage anywere in the US yet the have 50 some odd million customers pay them for service that does not work. They also whould not have 17 differnt MVNO's paying them to use thier network. Its non educated comments just like that which prove you have no idea what you are talking about. I drove 1,800 mile this year from Indy to the Outer Banks of NC only lossing service in the valleys of West Virgina and guess what my brothers finace who was also in my car did not have sevice either and she has the new EnV. If VZW works were you live and play then that is great and you should stick with them. VZW is the #1 carrier in the US for a reason. They are very well managed and have great coverage. I just personlly do not agree with some of there policys and restrictions which is why I am not a customer and the fact that they can not touch the plan I'm no. I am not a fan of GSM and llike to have 3G speeds so AT&T is not really an option for me right now. I am a city boy and travel quit often but stick to Interstates and cities with population above 50,000 and do not have any trouble with service and love the plan that in am one which is why I'm with Sprint. They give me want I want as an enduser for what I believe is a fair price. Now if I lived in a small town were Sprint did not have coverage I obviously would pick another carrier but that is not the case with me. Also if VZW knows Spint has not chance then why are they offering people $50 dollars to switch from Sprint to VZW? If they are so much better shouldn't the service and customer service alone be enough to make people switch?

45. vzw fanboy unregistered

sprint does have coverage in a lot of major cities and urban areas but on average not even close to that of vzw for rural. like ive said again you have to have coverage to use those features.. and sprint has no good commercials, they are so boring. 50 someodd million, but they lost millions of customersthey are going down, notup like most carriers. if you have coverage with sprint and get none with any other carrier, then i would advise you to get sprint, but if you live in a city and as long as you dont whine about verizon's prices then get verizon.

46. unregistered

wah happen?

50. unregistered

all i have to say is sprint work on all coverage networks..... thats why its called roaming because your using another companys network!

52. unregistered

You do realize that Sprint has roaming agreements with Alltel for both voice and data for the rual areas and a voice only roaming agrement with VZW? So those areas were Sprint does not have service the phone still works and you avoid the higher price of VZW and still get to use their towers.

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