Sprint announces HTC Touch

Sprint announces HTC Touch
HTC Touch was announced for Sprint today, but its release is scheduled for November 4, 2007. The CDMA version inherits the same outlook with three buttons on the front side as well as some features of its quad-band GSM analog – Windows Mobile 6 Professional OS, 2.8” 240x320 pixels 65K touch-screen display, 2-megapixel camera, stereo Bluetooth and microSD slot. When compared to the GSM equivalent, the new HTC Touch offers EV-DO, GPS but lacks WiFi. Sprint’s stated price for the phone, along with a two-year subscriber agreement is $249.99 after $100 mail-in rebate.
source: Sprint



1. SHawn unregistered

Maybe Verizon will get the same phone in a year or two? "Verizon -- yesterday's technology today."

2. Shaun unregistered

It would be nice for Verizon to get an updated PDA. I've had this brick 6700 since Bush got re-elected.

3. Kev unregistered

Will the Sprint Touch have the new Touchflo technology. By this I mean the ablity to scoll through pictures and zoom in and out with finger gestures

4. Harold unregistered

yes it will have all that software including a BIGGER onscreen keyboard and the TouchFlo picture Manager.

5. Kevin unregistered

Will the Sprint Touch have the ability to lock itself when idle? For example the iphone requires you to drag a arrow to unlock it so to prevent accidental movement.

6. Louie Shamarro unregistered

Verizon IS coming out with an iPhone style device. Check out the LG VOYAGER. It's pretty cool too.

7. Kevin unregistered

Iphone is NOT the same as Touch. Touch is a smart/PDA phone. With a Windows Mobile OS and apps like mobile outlook, word, excel, etc, this is not a toy like something from apple... The LG Voyager is just a toy, no useful apps, just a pretty face, like the Iphone. It would be really nice if Verizon would figure out the difference and offer something with some use, other than its ancient line that it has right now.

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