Sprint: We are the only carrier with real 4G

In response to T-Mobile's self-proclamation as the nation's largest 4G network, Sprint says they currently have the only real 4G network in the U.S.; according to the ITU's Radiocommunication Sector, no U.S. carrier currently meets the 4G requirements...
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13. taeh1291 unregistered

No carrier currently carries real "4G" according to the governing ITC due to its download and upload specicifications. Don't believe the hype. All everyone is really getting is an improved 3G performance. Thank you.

21. unknown unregistered

yess it is coming to the OC now my biggest question will be when I am able to upgrade my phone in about 1yr is what to get a 4g phone or the HTC 7 pro.

25. Downsouth821 unregistered

I think the ITU is right but i also think that Sprint and Verizon is right also. They should not be able to call it 4g because they dont have the speed. But then again they can call it 4g because it is the 4 generation of wireless technology. So if they was to got to court all Sprint and Verizon has to say is we use 4G because its the 4th generation of wirless technology. Just like the iphone, it uses 4G but not cause it has 4G speeds. And ATT is right if Tmobile can call there network 4G then ATT should also, but they dont because they will be launching LTE which is a true 4th generation technology and wouldnt want them confused.

27. smpdx

Posts: 127; Member since: Nov 02, 2010

@Downsouth821 Yeah, you are right for the most part. The reason why t-mobile decided to call it 4G anyways is because the company owners have already made the decision not to build a REAL 4G network. So they figured they would beef up their current one and call it good.

28. ibap

Posts: 865; Member since: Sep 09, 2009

Geography is everything. Depending on where you are and what you need, any one of the carriers may do fine. We switched from VZW to Sprint because when you walked into our local high school (daughter is a junior now) you had no service with VZW. I called a dad out who claimed that the school blocked cell signals - he just couldn't believe that Sprint, Alltel and t-Mobile all worked in the building when his VZW did not. I've read nasty comments about every carrier around. Like so many things these days, it may depend on who you get at a call center, or which store you walk into. If you never venture far from a major highway, t-Mob may be fine, but they are too spotty between where I live and where I work. Alltel is currently VZW's stepchild, and I wish they'd decide what they're going to do with them. I waited for VZW to incorporate Alltel's network so I could stay with them, but no dice. Sprint has done well for us, and we'll re-evaluate when daughter starts college. About the 4G issue - I think they all think we'll believe anything they tell us - so they will tell us anything they want to. I've got access to 4G from where I work, though it has not been even mentioned for the city I work in, and I've detected a few other 4G areas around town. 4G on my Epic is waaaaaaaaay faster than 3G on the Epic, and they're both faster than my old Touch Pro2. Geography (and device) again. And would you guys please write English and learn to use your shift keys? You are not e. e. cummings and his writing that way annoyed me too.

29. tofast30

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What is the maturity of these bloggers. It will be 4 g tech in a few months after the FCC says so. It is still 4 g technology. Come on kids. All that matters is results. Quit crying.

30. Daniel unregistered

Lol I don’t know why people are keep talking about Verizon and AT&T 4G … they don’t even have it Available. And probably by the time they have 4G and cover the same markets as Sprint, Sprint is moving up to something faster and better!. I’m supper happy with my services with Sprint I had T-Mobile and Verizon before and T-Mobile has a very bad coverage and Verizon to expensive and your bill is never the same. I went to Sprint Store last week to upgrade my phones, there was a Verizon employee that wanted to sign up for sprint for his family and himself and he was working at Verizon corp Store! I think that’s just a shame for Verizon and as far some other people that keep saying I didn’t have a good experience they properly dropped their phone in water and of course wasn’t their fault and they didn’t get insurance, so they expect Sprint to give them a new phone for free. That actually happened when I was in the store!

37. loco64

Posts: 10; Member since: Jun 04, 2010

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