Sprint PCS also gets BlackBerry 8830

Sprint PCS also gets BlackBerry 8830
It will not only be Verizon customers who will be able to roam in Europe with their CDMA BlackBerry, but Sprint PCS will also get the World Edition hi-end Smartphone, numbered the 8830.

The BlackBerry 8830 works in CDMA/EV-DO network in the US but features dual-band 900/1800 GSM/GPRS receiver for use in Europe/Asia with any SIM card and carrier. Just like the 8800 on AT&T and T-Mobile it lacks camera but has microSD memory slot, trackball and stylish look, resembling the Pearl.

source: Sprint



1. argonnj unregistered

If it only had a camera.

2. No Name unregistered

Must Verizon get the stupid silver BLACKberry while everyone else gets the sleek black ones???

3. sA900msung unregistered

Because VZW sucks and is expensive. And about the camera comment, I hear you on that, But my main thing is Sprints expensive BB plans.. Basic PV is $15, then you jump to your BB plans that are $29-39.99! For what?!?

4. Dan unregistered

Be warned! with many assurances from Sprint and leaving Verizon after 12 years (Verizon dosn't have coverage in Cambodia) I am in semi business limbo. Was assured before leaving US on 7/19/07 that phone was hooked up and operational for Cambodia. Checked data system before leaving, of course non operational. Had to call Black Berry support (1 hour on hold 2 hours downloads and troubleshoot) finally worked in US. As of being in Cambodia since 7/26/07 NO SERVICE VOICE OR DATA. Called support from Cambodia assured me as of 40 hrs ago I would be up and running in 4 to 24 hours... Nothing. called again today gave me a data service provider which dosn't exist and phone cannot locate. In addition to all the money spent for bberry 8830 and international service I have dumped another US $165.00 on internet acces cards and phone cards. I will update if and when I ever get what was promised. If not they can have there phone back upon touchdown in US.I'll try and keep it in one piece as hard as that may be for me right now. Checking one more time before I post this..Nope only SOS emergency calls still available. No service or provider. At this point my recomendation if your counting on this phone and service for a international business solution..run don't walk away!

5. ekt8750 unregistered

Sprint's berry plan is $40 cause you get in that package unlimited email/text and data plus unlimited tethering, a $10 off discount from buying an unlimited tether plan with any other device and not getting the push email, etc

6. Eric Slack unregistered

I've just arrived in Bulgaria from US with the expectations of having service here and I apparently only have SOS mode. Followed some instructions from another site to make sure my phone was configured properly and still no luck. I have had nothing but praise for this phone up until now. Hopefully it's something simple, but if it was simple I think I should have figured it out by now.

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