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Deal: Get a Sprint LG G6 for just $120

0. phoneArena posted on 16 Jun 2017, 12:33

For a limited time, Best Buy lets you purchase Sprint's LG G6 for only $5 per month, thus saving over $500...

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posted on 16 Jun 2017, 12:35 1

1. Myphoneisonfire (Posts: 355; Member since: 05 Sep 2016)

This is the true Value of The LG G6.

posted on 16 Jun 2017, 12:53 3

3. bucknassty (Posts: 153; Member since: 24 Mar 2017)

you know its not, its a solid device... its just interesting why sprint is so desperate to get new contracts, i know their service is not as great as they advertise.

posted on 16 Jun 2017, 19:03

8. Cat97 (Posts: 327; Member since: 02 Mar 2017)

"I know their service is not as great as they advertise". Well, then it's obvious why "sprint is so desperate to get new contracts" :)

posted on 16 Jun 2017, 12:39 3

2. pacattack81 (Posts: 120; Member since: 08 Dec 2016)

Sprints service is so bad they're begging for customers.

posted on 16 Jun 2017, 13:04

4. ceepyou (Posts: 45; Member since: 10 Apr 2012)

Their service is definitely not top tier, and depending where you live there is definitely more than a 1% difference. That being said, in 2014 I bought a Sprint LG G3 and returned it in a month. Zero building penetration. In 2015, new bands were launched that were far better. Granted, this is just north of Seattle, a densely populated area.

But, my parents live in a small town (less than 2,000), over 80 miles west from the nearest metropolitan area (Portland, OR) and they just got LTE on Sprint. The only hold out in that town is AT&T which is still on HSPA+.

Also, in Yuma, AZ I had LTE on Sprint and my wife's Verizon line was on 1x the whole time. Granted these data points are few but it is a step in the right direction.

As always, if it works where you live, work, and play - get the best deal you can find. Even when I look at T-Mobile and genuinely want to go back, I look at my situation as of now and do not yet have enough incentive to switch. And on top of that, prepaid is now becoming a reliable enough option for many that it can be a daily driver service.

Maybe this is to clear the path for a new LG Flagship that is rumored (like the $240 HTC 10 deal on Sprint) or maybe this is to increase customer base quickly before a possible T-Mobile merger, thus making them more valuable as a prospect. Let's not forget all the spectrum they are sitting on and not using. A convergence of the T-Mobile customers and Sprint customers would strain the current networks but if they flip the switch on that spectrum, their reliability would greatly increase on both the T-Mo and Sprint side.

posted on 16 Jun 2017, 15:25

5. trojan_horse (Posts: 4929; Member since: 06 May 2016)

Sprint is starving for customers to the point where they take a whopping 500 bucks off the G6's price. Too sad this deal won't bring in enough new customers to offset the obvious loss in selling the G6 for $120.

posted on 16 Jun 2017, 18:29

6. boriqua2000 (Posts: 131; Member since: 11 Mar 2009)

Maybe sprint should dedicate more time in organizing thier horrible customer service instead of doing these stupid deals.

posted on 16 Jun 2017, 18:54

7. andrewc31394 (Posts: 27; Member since: 23 Jun 2012)

Sprint: The best service in the middle of nowhere. Cities coming soon!

posted on 17 Jun 2017, 04:06

9. shieryar (Posts: 12; Member since: 03 Jun 2012)

I wish I lived in US so I could get a LG G6 :/

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