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  • Sprint 4G WiMAX coverage expanded by 21% across Metropolitan New York

Sprint 4G WiMAX coverage expanded by 21% across Metropolitan New York

Posted: , by Nick T.

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Sprint 4G WiMAX coverage expanded by 21% across Metropolitan New York
Sprint subscribers who happen to live in the Greater New York City area will be happy to know that the carrier's 4G coverage has been given a boost and has been expanded by 21 percent. Effective immediately, Sprint's 4G footprint now covers an additional 91,363 residents of Metropolitan New York - that is what Clearwire and Time Warner Cable, Sprint's partners in providing WiMAX service, announced today.

The list of communities where 4G coverage by Sprint and its partners will be available from now on includes Alpine, Bayonne, Elizabeth, Fair Lawn, Newark, Paramus, Secaucus, Union, NJ; and Hartsdale, New Rochelle, New York, Rockville Centre, Yonkers, NY.

If you are among the ones who are already enjoying Sprint's expanded coverage across New York, feel free to brag about it by leaving a comment below.

source: Clearwire via Boy Genius Report

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posted on 13 Jul 2011, 07:55 2

1. SuperAndroidEvo (Posts: 4888; Member since: 15 Apr 2011)

Wow and when I was in the NYC area there was insane WiMAX 4G coverage to begin with. To expand an additional 21% is truly remarkable. Sprint is doing so well. I am happy to be with Sprint. Keep doing a great job Sprint, I could not be happier!

posted on 13 Jul 2011, 09:24

2. Mile High (unregistered)

Lucky NY. Reception in Denver is spotty at best! sprint should not list it as a city with Wimax

posted on 13 Jul 2011, 09:30 2

3. wumberpeb17 (unregistered)

I've had WiMax up here in Albany NY for over 3 months now, I believe since the first week of April or so...yet no mention of it on the coverage maps or press coverage, anything. I get there's probably a test period but I didn't think it would be this long. Epic 4G demo phones regularly get around 7-9Mbs. As a Sprint salesman, having to tell everyone that asks "Yo, when's 4g comin here man?" is getting old. At least they're thrilled to hear it when I tell em

Definitely a good time to be a Sprint customer

posted on 13 Jul 2011, 10:54

4. ArmageddonX (Posts: 96; Member since: 11 May 2011)

How about some love for Phoenix Arizona? We have virtually NO 4G coverage at all... Grrr....

posted on 13 Jul 2011, 11:32 2

5. SuperAndroidEvo (Posts: 4888; Member since: 15 Apr 2011)

Hey don't worry, YOUR time will come! lol It's only a matter of time. I do understand your frustration though! That has to suck! :-(

posted on 13 Jul 2011, 12:44

7. ArmageddonX (Posts: 96; Member since: 11 May 2011)

Hey thanks for the sympathy! I hope we get some WiMaxx-4G soon here in Phoenix. Thanks for the words of encouragement =)

posted on 13 Jul 2011, 12:35

6. moosekillierwithfartz (unregistered)

Sprint! Come to rural Georgia like how T-mobile did!

posted on 13 Jul 2011, 14:10

8. Congrats NY (unregistered)

Detroit could use some 4 g love as well... That line from Sprint. ..."Its coming soon". After over a year, Its getting a little old now..

posted on 13 Jul 2011, 21:45

9. Wowe1234 (unregistered)

I just used speedtest.net app on the HTC EVO View 12.5 mbps down and 1.5 mbps up in the east village on 5th st between 1st and 2nd ave in NYC. Wimax is good enough. Their problems is that 2.5 ghz spectrum sucks. They need the SMR spectrum to go the distance from the towers and for building penetration.

posted on 14 Jul 2011, 17:59

12. ECPirate37 (Posts: 220; Member since: 14 Jul 2011)

I live in Astoria and inside my apartment, I get 6.3 mbps down and 1.3 mbps up. I haven't tested outside. I have had super fast service all over New York though. I was surprise how great 4G worked at Coney Island, since 3g there was always below average.

posted on 13 Jul 2011, 23:20

10. 9mm (unregistered)

well that's a lie!. sprints 4g has had outages in the the NYC since late June. I have had to to deal with a bunch of returns because of it. maybe while they have been trying to improve it they made it worst, cant wait till they fix this

posted on 13 Jul 2011, 23:48

11. Wowe1234 (unregistered)

MAKE SOME SENSE!!! I'm not lying. It's funny that because you hate Wimax that you would call some else a lair.

posted on 18 Jul 2011, 20:24

13. sprintuser2000 (unregistered)

I am faustrated in trying to upload video, am considering cancelling Sprint and going to t-mobile, sprint, your letting RGV, Texas down, were over a Million in this area. It's your lost. Plz bring 4g soon.

posted on 27 Sep 2011, 23:54

14. 3DVO (unregistered)

#11 is absolutely right! 4G Wimax has been extremely spotty, jumpy and just plain horrible since late June. Can't speak for the whole NYC, but Coney Island has been horrible, download speeds jumping non stop from 100kb to about 2.5mbps. Flatbush, Sheepshead, and Bay Ridge its been good as since end of last summer, but Wimax in Coney Island is getting worse and worse. Sprint claims its always been bad here yet I've been using it here since end of last summer and it only got bad around late June then it got a little better and then all downhill. I mean 3G is more effective in Coney Island these days... No joking.

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