Spreadsheet reportedly reveals that the Apple iPhone 7 will be available with 256GB of flash memory

Get the salt ready, because you are going to need at least a grain of it to take with this story. A tweet disseminated by @the_malignant shows what is claimed to be a spreadsheet belonging to an Apple supplier. While the Apple iPhone name isn't mentioned anywhere on the spreadsheet, the document supposedly shows that the Apple iPhone 7's base model will feature 32GB of internal storage...
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29. Finalflash

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That plus it has the lowest resolution of mobile devices resulting in far lower quality graphics being needed. That in itself is one of the largest storage savings.

30. zunaidahmed

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Are you really that stupid to think os sizes are affected by resolution? The only reason iOS is usually smaller is because the specifically tailor each os for each phone, but on android, it's more of a universal thing, Android kinda works like windows here you could easily change resolution how ever you want. iOS doesn't have the least features either, what it doesn't have is probably just a user controllable file explorer, which people stopped caring anyway, but that's debatable, as I said, iOS installs only the absolute necessary files, so it's smaller.

16. cnour

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Samsung and the others will do the same very soon. Apple does the others follow.

23. tedkord

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Then how do you explain 2012 to today?

24. dimas

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Well if you're saying 128GB without sd slot, they already failed before on s6 that's why samsung learned from it. And no, htc had the first metal body and meizu mx3 had the first 128GB internal storage. Others are first, apple follows. Apple just market it with flowers and confettis to make it hyped. I bet apple will also go for iris scanner and you'll believe they are the first. And maybe by the time apple is generous to give 256GB nand storage, samsung is already giving android community 128-256GB ufs cards which is, more cutting edge technology.

32. nctx77

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If your talking modern smartphones which when Apple entered the game, Apple's first phone was aluminum sans for a small plastic area for radios. Their next all metal phone was the iPhone 5. The iPhone 4 was mostly glass with metal sides(sounds familiar).

27. darkkjedii

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38. Walid107

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@sarcastic_nerd can you share any info about iPhoneX memory. Is it MLC+TLC(3D vertical) ???
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