Speculation starts on Samsung Galaxy S III specs

For those who think that the Samsung Galaxy S II is the bomb, or for those waiting on the Google Nexus Prime, sources for an anonymous poster on 4Chan's technology forum claims to have seen images and heard Samsung personnel discuss the phone which will be introduced at the 2012 MWC in Barcelona...
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82. Dj21o

Posts: 437; Member since: May 19, 2011

But it will still be an iPhone. And you probably need to buy all of the plugins to use those projectors on their phones lmaon Apple is so greedy it makes me sick. Buying a GSII and being done with this. GSII is easily the best phone on the market today. I've played with IOS 5 and the GSII, no comparison at all.

83. atrix rocks unregistered

just buy an atrix and you will b set! this phone has it all and then sum!!! even get the blackberry notification light! no other android phone has that, that i know of!

85. droiderrfic dude unregistered

dayum, i just got the bionic and now this? THE FACK?

87. Striker unregistered

Well, if they want, the yellow guys can put a 28-core processor and 35GB of RAM, but if it will run on Android, it would be the same piece of junk...

90. Dark4o90

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woooooow if that is true this is my phone!!!!!! there's nothing like S2 in terms of display and smoothness but the build quality is awful andddd... so thin that is ok but all that plastic.... that's the reason i didn't get it. hope the S3 will be made of metal i don't mind if it's few mm thicker and few grams heavier when i took Sensation and nokia X7 in my hands they felt soooo nice especially the x7

91. locoboy unregistered

they forgot to mention is it's going be full 4d ready and you can see that it's going to come to the US but still.no 4g they said if.you make phones 4g its going to make it fatter sucks need 4g with a phone like that one and yea Verizon's.going to get it next year when phones will be 4d ready I'm not going to tell you how I know that's all I can say for.now the phone is still in a beta version so anything can still be changed on that particular model and some of the specs that you're reading is inaccurate but sure to to be 720 p resolution and up and they are coming out with new technology that will your mind all I can say this phone is good but wait and see HTC has to offer next year And phones will be made with scratch resistant glass finally we might using gorilla glass on this one and HTC save your money next year's going to be big but also keep in mind with the new longer lasting batteries that will be made makes your phone kicked out more radiation you can get cancer so beware as for me my old school phone as much to none of radiation I love seening new technology but at what cost I like to stay healthy but with.my job making phone I do to that well we al have to die sometime right guys . And they are going to have on all the boxes when you get a phone of how much radiation your phones has ok I'm out :)

92. locoboy unregistered

sorry for the typos I was at work and had to type real fast

94. Adithya7184 unregistered

Apple can't make these kind of phones ever......LOL

99. EtothaD

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Im waiting on the SamHTCsung iLG Droid Super Duper. Its going to have a microwave, a 13.0 Ghz Octo-core Processor, a 12 GigaTrigapixel Camera. A Super Natural Organic Vegetarian LED Screen with A resolution so sharp its like a window into heaven. It runs on LTE-MAX 7G.....It comes with its own network and towers and It Runs F$!%@ Your Mom OS. Supposedly it is the best thing ever created and god is a little jealous about how nice it came out. I hear it can morph into anything you can think of so you never even need to buy another phone, car TV or even food again

101. mitchy123 unregistered

Jesus Christ! If those specs are true that is ridiculous for a phone! There are many net books out there which would be outclassed in computing power by this phone. Youve gotta hand it to Samsung, they certainly have been raising the bar in the market in the last couple of years.

103. Rubal unregistered

tht is some serious spectations ; )

104. sajithm

Posts: 14; Member since: Apr 28, 2011

http://www.galaxys3.in - Samsung Galaxy S3 Specifications
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