Southeast experiencing T-Mobile network outage?

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Southeast experiencing T-Mobile network outage?
It's being reported that T-Mobile customers in the Southeast woke up today and found out that they're experiencing disruptions with their service – some noticed they were affected since the early hours of the day. Specifically, T-Mobile's forums have pointed out that the major areas surrounding Atlanta, Carolina, Miami, Orlando, and Tampa were being affected by the outage. It's unclear what the cause of the issue stems from nor is there any word about any time frame on when service is expected to resume. So far it looks as though T-Mobile has yet to offer any updates about the issue, but hopefully it'll gets fully resolved sooner than later. Fortunately, some people have begun see their service get restored while inbound callers are getting "circuits busy" messages for now – but not everyone looks to be out of the woods just yet.

via TmoNews & Engadget



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